Bring on the Toques

Something that always strikes me as a little amusing about Vancouver is our reaction to what we feel as cold.
I work in a small office of only 8 people. Today, with our little bit of snow i was very amused to see each and every guy in the office, other than myself wear a hat to work today. All but one guy in a toque, the one without, wishing he had one.

It was chilly out right? Ya see, i’m just not sure i get it. I grew up in Chetwynd and then Williams Lake, up north. I was one of the kids that tried to be cool…you didn’t wear a toque until it was below 25 deg outside. You just didn’t feel the cold until then. Or at least that’s what you claimed. Over the years for myself this actually began to be more true than not.

So when i see every head around me pop up with a toque on it…and i’m wondering if i should maybe start thinking about doing up my jacket sometime soon, it just amuses me.

Then again, maybe the nickname i had in university was more true than not, The Arctic Char.

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  1. maikopunk (unregistered) on November 30th, 2005 @ 7:41 pm

    I just LOOOVE it when I’m cold and I say I’m cold, and the person I’m talking to answers all Saskatchewan macho: “Aaah… this isn’t cold. In (Nowheresville, Prairies) where I’m from, it’s -40 plus windchill. Blah blah blah Vancouverites are so wimpy!” To which I answer “Well, I’m still cold.”

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