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Since everyone is blogging about snow today I thought I’d just mention that if you want to hear how our friends to the south have been dealing with their snow head over to our sister site Metroblogging Seattle. Whether it’s important snow survival tips, a detailed look on the varied reactions to snow in the Pacific Northwest, or simply a look at how the media are freaking out about the “Snowpocalypse 2005!”, they’ve got the posts to chill your warm beating heart.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation meanwhile is taking a slight break from their no-confidence induced look back at how Joe Clark fell from grace to talk clearly and rationally about how Vancouver “Hawaii East” British Columbia is dealing with our snow. They quote Doug Henderson from ICBC in their article.

“Last year when we had a big snow storm in January we were seeing some days with a 15 per cent increase in phone calls, telephone claims,” says spokesperson Doug Henderson.

He says the big problem is that drivers here just don’t get enough opportunity to practise.

Of course since I want to try to enjoy some of the Seattle media style freaking out I went to, the site for the Province and Vancouver Sun as run by CanWest. Apparently they’re too busy updating their website from an early 1990s’ flavour to a late 1990s’ flavour to have noticed that it snowed.

So we can expect the big freak out tomorrow then? Perhaps more traffic chaos?

They do report that the United Nations has declared that Whistler is a swanky place to live. Which is some kind of wonderful isn’t it? Because we all wanted the weekend ski condo owning set to have something else to feel good about.

Meanwhile a stop by the Metroblogs of cities who know how to deal with snow like real Canadians find that Montr

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  1. samantha (unregistered) on November 29th, 2005 @ 6:20 pm

    We didn’t get a single stinkin’ flake down here, although I guess a few places outside the city did. They keep telling us to “keep on our guard,” though…’cause you never really know when a half inch of slush is going to rear up a bitchslap you, I guess.

  2. Jeffery Kelly Simpson (unregistered) on November 29th, 2005 @ 6:27 pm

    Yeah there wasn’t any snow when I woke up, at least none downtown Vancouver. It was certainly above freezing too so I don’t know what everyone was freaking out about.

    Frankly being from Edmonton it takes a few feet to phase me. This half an inch stuff is for babies.

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