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Sunday Morning Drives


Vancouver bloggers Meetup: December 2005

I’ve yet to go to one of the Vancouver blogger meetups because they tend to happen on nights I have to work, but in December the day of the week has been changed and I’m planning on being there. If you are a Vancouver based blogger, sign up at and go to this event to make sure you’ve RSVPed for the next Meetup.

That next event is happening on Wednesday December 21st at 7:30 p.m. at a new location, which after a vote has been revealed to be Subeez, which is located at 891 Homer Street on the corner of Homer and Robson.

As I said I’ve never been but I’ll be going, and hopefully other Metrobloggers from Vancouver will go. Will there be a rumble if the Vancouverite shows up? I doubt it, frankly I’m a coward.

Two more Metroblogging cities

Welcome to the two newest cities to join the Metroblogging family: Dubai, UAE and Miami, FL. Nice to see that the expansion is continuting with interesting and exciting cities coming online.

Foodie : Japanese Tapas


Shook things up a little and went for Japanese Tapas at Hapa Izakaya on Robson. On the outside, it’s a foreboding looking place with the windows shaded black and no view into the interior. Inside, it’s warm and the dark interior and furnishings are lit up by rice paper-shaded lamps. A lot of the seating style is tatami-style (where you remove your shoes), some regular tables, and a long, lit sushi bar contributing to light and at which you can have your meal and chat with a chef while he’s in action.

The maitre d’ greets us loudly in Japanese and I know not how to reproduce but presumably it means “Welcome!!” Throughout the meal, we would hear a lot of Japanese being exchanged between servers and chefs – a lot in volume but probably not in content – a lot of “Thank you and goodbye!” and simple requests to the chefs but in a language you can lilt so much, even yelling over the patrons’ heads is a little endearing and injects some more culture into the atmosphere.

Rainbow yesterday!

Did you see the huge rainbow in the east yesterday? I’ve lived in Vancouver for a long time, but never before have I ever seen an end to end rainbow that hit the ground on each side! So beautiful! Then all of a sudden, it was gone…

If I had a bit of extra time I would have liked to check out the ends for the pot ‘o gold!

I guess without the Vancouver Rain, there wouldn’t be rainbows, right?

If any of you have pictures of that rainbow, please leave your links on the comments!

Blogging, the new lifesaving device

Vancouver musician Matthew Good has been blogging in one form or another for years, but this week is probably the first time his site has directly prevented not one but two deaths.

His typically active comments section on the politically orientated MBlog got a comment from an American soldier implying that he was seriously considering suicide. Through a bit of IP address detective work and through the help of readers Ben Albright (an American serviceman) and Patrick Pitt (who is in the Canadian armed forces) not one but two American soldiers in the same division who were contemplating suicide, were tracked down by military police and hopefully will be given the help they need in dealing with their post-war situation.

According to Albright, who today put a post up on Good’s blog relating the details of the event, the US military is going to start looking at the counseling options availble to servicemen.

A few days ago a comment left on the mblog unwittingly launched an investigation into the mental health of soldiers returning from Iraq, and on an immediate front may have saved a life in the process.

Mr. Christopher Taylor who, himself, was crying out for help; was the domino that launched an (US) army-wide investigation into the mental processes soldiers go through after returning from deployment.

It’s quite a remarkable story, and goes to show the power of blogging when the writers and their readers create a caring community.

*Edit: I incorrectly identified Patrick Pitt as an American soldier, he is in fact a Canadian this has now been changed in my post.

Foodie : Great Expectations in Vancouver

Just got in from lunch with some relatives. To cut down driving, we went to Mak’s Noodle Restaurant at Cambie & 8th. You see, we’ve been trying to go there because it’s the closest “congee noodle” place to this bustling intersection but they have hours of operation something like 11a.m. to 10p.m. everyday, not a place for late-night eats.

CanWest predicts traffic chaos for Grey Cup, warns “People will die horribly”

Okay so maybe they haven’t predicted deaths yet, but CanWest is predicting a perfect storm of traffic on Saturday with the Grey Cup parade, sold out shows at several downtown venues and Vancouver’s general awesome parking situation means that they’ll be stacking cars two or three high.

Now I’m more interested in where the masters of understatement at CanWest got the headline that includes the word “Traffic chaos”? In the entire article the strongest wording used by any of the story’s sources was that parking could be “frustrating” over the weekend.

Come on CanWest, when you report that there’s going to be chaos I want people dying in the streets. I want blood pouring from eyeballs, the elderly feasting on the young, zombies, SARS and maybe even a little gun play. Troubles parking? Wimps.

Dan Cloutier out for two games

Dan Cloutier is hurt again and will miss the next two games, after being hurt earlier in the year. This time the Canucks are coughing under their breath while muttering “Running the goalie… cough…” when asked to comment on Cloutier’s injury.’s Canucks coverage isn’t buying that for a minute and they’re rightly raising questions about Cloutier’s tendancy to get injuried at the drop of a puck.

The injury has also raised questions about Cloutier’s durability. He missed nine games with a left ankle sprain in the 2001-02 season and 13 more in 2002-03 with a knee sprain.

In the 2003-04 season, Cloutier was sidelined three games with a groin strain and two with a hip flexor. He then suffered a right ankle tear in Game 3 of the playoff series with Calgary.

Add a concussion this season and the Niedermayer episode and you wonder what’s next.

Of course I’m more concerned about Cloutier’s ability to be a goalie in the National Hockey League than whether or not he gets hurt on a regular basis. In fact though it’s very clear Alex Auld is not starting goaltender material, I feel safer with him between the pipes than Cloutier. In fact after poor showings in the last few playoffs I think it’s time the Canucks start looking for a new netminder.

The moral of the story? Regardless of whether you think Cloutier is injuried to much or a crap netminder, it’s clear that if he were a race horse they’d have made him into glue by now.

Welcome new bloggers, positions still open

Yesterday we got an influx of new authors to our humble Metroblogging site. Matt Musselman, Mike Hrycyk and Rod Templeton join our small but growing group. Since we’re not even a week old yet we’re all really new, but these three are the newest of the new.

Now even though we’ve had some new authors jump on the Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride style adventure that is the Vancouver Metroblogging site, we’re always looking for new authors. If you’re a Vancouver based blogger and you’re interested in and able to post a couple of times a week on life in Vancouver then you’re the sort of person we’re looking for.

We don’t pay any money, but it’s great fun and it’s a great way to get your name out in the local blogging community and let people know that your own personal site is where it’s at. Now if you are interested in joining just visit this site and fill out one simple form. There’s no math involved, I promise.

Edit: this post was bumped up so more people could read our recruiting pleas.

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