The City that never…wakes?

you know how you watch movies about new york, chicago or LA that have the people coming home from their late night escapades and they always seem to see the inner workings of the city doing their thing? you know, like the street cleaner or the garbage man or whatever.

just a minute or two ago i was sitting here at my computer and i hear a noise outside my window that sounded like a garbage truck raising up a garbage can and i realized something. in all the time i have spent in this city, either up late or up early, i don’t really think i’ve ever gotten a sense of this. the secret workers that keep everything together.

maybe they don’t exist here. maybe all this stuff is actually done by elves. maybe they are so secretive and practiced that they have a network of spies that shoos them away from any area i’ve just entered.

or maybe i’m just never in the right place at the right time.
right now i’m having trouble deciding if this revelation makes Vancouver more special or more special to me. either way… it’s still vancouver.

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