parking is for the birds

So i don’t own a car, but my wife (who has only been that since last weekend so there’s still a lot of hers and mine) does. we don’t have a parking spot with my apt and are left to our devices finding parking around our neighbourhood. during the day this can be quite a hassle as the spots are eaten up quickly but in the evenings it’s usually pretty easy.

last night we didn’t think too much about taking the car out and running a few errands. we weren’t thinking there’d be trouble finding a spot at all when we come home. little were we aware that last night was art opening night at three little galleries in my area. and being art folks they are of course in tune with the beauty of nature and every single one of them drove to the openings in giant SUV’s. or at least that is what the parking in my area would indicate. we drove around a bit and finally decided that all there was to do was park in a metered spot and come back out later and move the car.

you might guess where this is going to go next…back out? what do you mean back out? remember?
we did remember…when i was halfway to work in the morning and i called my wife and asked her if the car was still there. it wasn’t. it was in one of the rush hour metered spots, which means it’s no parking during peak hours.
$40 for the ticket and $50 for the tow later and we’ve learned out little lesson.

am i bitter? isn’t this where you fill in with a blog rant? no way. it was our fault. things work far better when that lane is clear in the morning. i’m not going to say i’m glad they got around to our car and cost us the money but it makes me feel that much better knowing that they are out there taking care to make traffic move a little faster in the mornings.

if only they weren’t so ineffectual overall.

when the wife brought the car home…there was no parking available again. this time we paid for parking.

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