holiday smugness

You ever walk down the street and come across someone walking towards you with sort of a smug look on their face? Sort of like a cross between their just having farted and knowing that they’re going to get away with it and a knowing smile? Well any other time than december that might be what it is. During dec that’s not what it is at all.

You know what it is?
Yup, they’ve got their Christmas shopping done. It might not be wrapped or whatever but they are walking around with the spritual ease of someone who is done, early and is satisfied for it. For different people this might mean a different thing but really, what it does mean, is that they are done. It might be all coal lumps, the quality of present will vary from person to person but completion is a wonderous thing.

I finished last sunday.
I’m one of those people.
you may kick me in the shins if you’ve not started yet.
Or if you don’t celebrate over-commercialized christian holidays.

I’ll be the one walking down the sidewalk, an air of peace surrounding me loking like i’ve just…

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