All of your favorite things are loosing!

The Metroblogging Vancouver’s Best of 2005 Poll is still open. You can fill it out using this totally easy to use form that our good and kind friends at Urban Vancouver made for us. If you haven’t already done so fill it in now if you want your favorite things about Vancouver given the props they deserve.

Because you know what, all the things you love are totally loosing. I know it’s hard to believe, but without your vote those things that you love so much that make you smile at the very thought of them are totally being beaten, probably by things that you hate and that piss you off. That place you like to grab a bite at on rainy days? Totally being slaughtered by that place where they forgot your order and kept bring you out something that looked like the food Klingons eat on Star Trek.

That special park you love to walk with your dog, cat, boyfriend, children and or elderly parents is loosing to a McDonald’s Playland. While Playlands do have big cages for kids to play with brightly coloured balls, and slides for them to vomit up their McNuggets, woudn’t you rather your favorite park to win?

So come on and vote, vote, vote.

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