snowflakes at christmas

so this was my ninth christmas in vancouver.
well, mostly in vancouver, since my folks moved to chilliwack at roughly the same time i moved to vancouver i’ve spent christmas day mostly there.
i think this was the first christmas that i never saw even one snowflake. our atmosphere just seemed to know that there needed to be some that feel either xmas eve, xmas day or boxing day. just seemed to know. cause they always seemed to fall.
i’d always wondered if my holidays would seem lacking without the falling of the white stuff. i had determined that my holidays were just fine without a collection of the stuff on the ground, because just falling doesn’t mean collection around here. but i had not yet determined if the complete lack would make a difference.

so now it’s the 28th.
this is the first i’ve noticed.
guess it’s not important to me at all.

i guess those 40 below xmases with a few feet of snow on the ground solved such needs for me.

i wonder if this means i’m ready to move to LA?

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