Election update, let’s all go to kindergarten

Just when we were all feeling happy, lazy and like the the world was nearly perfect because of the holiday goggles we’ve all been wearing to distort our vision the Federal election careens into view like a drunk driver with their high beams on.

The most recent news getting actions of our politicans on parade is a name calling match between the NDP and the Liberals. Liberal Cabinet member David Emerson made a comment, which was then refered to on a Liberal blog, saying that NDP leader Jack Layton has a “boiled dog’s head smile”. Talking about a Layton speech the blog noted:

Jack Layton had a great weekend in BC. First he managed to find something nice to say about Svend Robinson, although the performance struck me as a touch insincere, even for Jack Layton. How did Minister Emerson describe his style at our Convention dinner? Oh yes, he said that Jack Layton had a boiled dog’s head smile. That would have made even me wince if I hadn’t have been laughing so hard. Then Toronto Jack really caused a stir by declaring that he wasn’t really all that opposed to private health clinics. Ummm, so why are we having an election then?

Now that’s a fairly random insult, unless you’re using your Secret Agent Decoder Ring which will translate “boiled dog’s head smile” into something insulting in Chinese. Now why are we having an election where a WASPy MP is insulting another WASPy MP with clunky Chinese insults?

Well Emerson blames his wife from whom he got the phrase.

“She’s got tons of them,” he said of his wife’s colourful phrases. “We certainly use it in our family and my wife says it’s commonly used in the Cantonese community. It certainly wasn’t meant as disrespectful.”

Now I don’t really want to know what people call their family. What you might call your wife during your sex-play isn’t cute no matter what you might think. Just like your safeword should stay private so should your pet names. And obscure Chinese taunts? Well let’s leave these out as well.

This in a week where a senior Liberal manager had to resign after calling Layton’s wife Olivia Chow a chow chow dog.

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