Tell them I’m coming and hell’s coming with me

Matthew Good’s been doing a year in review over at his blog that is fairly unique since instead of being what I, and I think anyone who checks out his site semi-regularly, expected it’s a personal recap of the year and not a look back at the major political events. It’s also really compelling reading, especially his lattest entry [mblog] where he talks about his history within the record industry, or at least skims over it with some detail.

What is surprising is how honest he is with it, though I don’t suppose I should be that shocked. I’ve interviewed him twice once for the Phoenix my university student paper, and this last time for The Kelowna Daily Courier‘s arts suplement. This last time he was touring and promoting In A Coma, which if it wasn’t a best-of collection would have been my favorite album of the year, and was actually fairly open to talking about the past.

This is a link to a recoding of the interview that I’ve got on my site [jeff simpson], and then if you click the read more button on this post I’m going to paste some of the article here. I only could find the rough draft, so let’s all pretend I made it prettier okay. And definitly check out Good’s post if you’re not already a reader of the MBlog.

Talking about his career in the Matthew Good Band he is out spoken, like he is about everything else.

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