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Best disc of 2005

I’m trying to think of my favorite disc of the last year. It’s really hard to do since often I either pick up my favorite disc a year after it’s been released or there’s always just so much that I’ve loved that it’s easy to forget about that one amazing disc and instead pick a so-so disc that I’ve enjoyed. Also I’m not counting special relase EPs on the iTunes music store, like the recent Snow Patrol live acoustic EP.

Initially I was going to give it to Matthew Good‘s In A Coma but since the bulk of it is not new material but a best-of release I’m going to have to go in another direction. Having said that it’s definitly worth a listen even if you’ve got most of the material on his studio albums. Checkout iTunes if you want so you can just pick up the wonderful acoustic versions of some of his best songs.

The Newpornographers’ disc Twin Cinema also gets a nod, but I’ve just not been able to get into it the way I got into Mass Romantic. Still it’s a definite improvement over Electric Version and some sweet poppy goodness. Also fun is Death Cab for Cutie’s Plans.

Radio hockey

“Cheer up, honey, I hope you can / There is something wrong with me /
My mind is filled with radio cures / Electronic surgical words”
– “Radio Cure”, Wilco

As I’ve said before I rarely listen to the radio, perfering the controlled enviroment of my iPod, Podcasts and musical selection. However since the day-before-boxing-day traffic at the mall has suddenly died off we’re listening to the Canucks versus Flames game on the radio. It’s one of the few times I really can listen to the radio without getting angry and a headache. Part of it is the sports colour commentary people are a lot more knowledgeable and decent seeming than your average music DJ.

The exception to this is the CBC, which I generally can listen to without the sort of Hulk rage that standard commercial radio seems to induce in me. Again it largely comes down to personalities, the people on the CBC generally seem like they’ve finished college let alone gone to high school, a litmus test that I sometimes think radio DJs might not quite pass.

All of which was simply extra, in what was supposed to be a post about how I can sometimes actually enjoy listening to the radio I went over board.

Best line so far from the internet radio play-by-play wad describing one of the Sedins as “the younger of the two twins.”

*Update: Okay this game is turning into a total car crash. It’s really hard to listen to on the radio because there’s been like four goals in the last two minutes. The Canucks are loosing and deserve to be loosing by more, since anytime they actually seem to score and tie it up they let a goal in within a minute. I’m trying to follow what’s going on, but it’s much harder than real hockey games since there’s no defence and so many damn goals.

Currently it’s 5 – 4 for Calgary.

Busy now

It’s like someone threw a switch on at the malls. I’ve been unimpressed with the level of traffic for Metrotown, but today it’s been busy. Yup busy. So if you haven’t done your shopping you’ve only got two sleeps left, and you’re going to want something for the early Christmas Eve gift opening right?


Notte Bon Ton Raid


The best pastries in town can be found at Notte Bon Ton located on Broadway between Trutch and Blenheim. Their window display of rows upon rows of carefully crafted, delicate cakes, tarts, and cookies will set you drooling and the combinations of treats you can make up are endless.

Clockwise from the top, I got Philippine (pink), Lawyer, Spaghetti (strawberry tart), marzipan peach, Progress (meringue puff with buttercream), Canadian Cheese (sandwich), mocha Three Sisters, tri-colour Three Sisters. In the middle, is a Mexican (buttercream tart).

More Canucks going to Italy

So while Bertuzzi and Jovonovski are going to be playing for Team Canada at the Winter Olympics Vancouver is making a much larger donation to Team Sweden. Daniel Sedin, his clone Henrik Sedin, Markus Naslund and defenceman Mattias Ohlund are all joining up with team Sweden. Also going on the Griswald’s European Vacation are Jarkko Ruutu and Sami Salo who are going to be donning the blue of the Finnish national team.

A Holiday Post

I would like to take this opportunity to wish the best of the season to all the readers of Metroblogging Vancouver, the other writers, and all of the readers and writers on all of the blogs in the 38 other Metroblogging cities.

While there are many different cultures in this little group, I love the fact that it’s able to bring people together from all over the world and show others that things are the same all over. People have the same hopes and fears, and when you look at the blogs for the other cities, it’s kind of comforting to see that you’re not all alone in the world. Others feel the same way that you do. It’s an old cliche, but the internet really can help bring people closer together.
Thanks to everyone who works on this project to give all of us a voice. It’s very much appreciated.

And with that, whatever your beliefs or politics may be, the very best of the season from myself and my family to all of you out there. We’ll see you in 2006.


Shopping Operatives

Last minute shopping December 23rd.

Last day before Christmas Eve.

Busiest shopping day of the year, so they say. I’ve read several times this year the formula which merchants use to predict which day will actually be the busiest. Typically, it’s the last Saturday before Christmas Eve, unless Christmas Eve itself is on a Saturday, in which case the busiest day is the 23rd, and then factor in whether it’s a leap year, full moon, boom or bust economy, and after that I simply got lost. It reminds me of the rules for calculating Passover/Easter.

Regardless, for those brave souls who haven’t yet finished their shopping, today is the day they eat two Power Bars for breakfast, strap on their running shoes and kevlar body armour, drop the dog off at the in-laws and the kids off at the kennel (or was that the other way around?), and head into battle.

Best of luck to everyone.

Metroblogging, explore a world in English

Metroblogging’s network of cities started in L.A. and expanded next to the O.C. and then from those humble roots began to expand all over the world. With sites all over the world we’ve recently been adding new ones including Vancouver (us, yay!), Paris and now Singapore. One of the great things about being an author here at MB’s Vancouver site is that global network, we’re connected to people from across Canada, North America and the world.

I love finding out about what’s happening in a city not from CNN, or the CBC but from local people actually living there. Since most of the sites are mainly in english, or a mix of native language and english, it’s a wonderful way to get a sense of life in a city without actually leaving your apartment or needing to wear underware.

So check out some of our sister sites, and if you’ve been enjoying the reads here at MB Van, then why not write for us? Any local bloggers are welcome as long as they can post a few times a week.

Hockey Vancouver: a day of news.

Despite an entry into our Metroblogging Vancouver’s Best of Vancouver polls (in which you can still vote here) that said that sports where for the unwashed masses I’m still going ahead and making a hockey post. I might be unwashed but with all the rain I had to walk through on my way to the Skytrain at least the outer layer of dirt has washed off.

The first bit of hockey news is that Todd Bertuzzi is now on Canada’s Mens Olympic Hockey Team. He’d been at the training camps for the team before the NHL season kicked off, as the included photo shows him in Kelowna practicing with Steve Yzerman.

After an uneasy start to the season Bertuzzi has returned to the forum that makes on of the keys to Vancouver’s success. Acceptance onto Team Canada is the final step in his redemption from the Steve Moore incident.

Ed Jovanovski is in the defence corps, and the only other Canuck on Team Canada, despite the fact that Morrison skated with Team Canada during the summer training camp.

Meanwhile the Canucks dropped another game last night, loosing a fast paced high scoring affair to the Oilers. If a 7 – 6 loss doesn’t demonstrate the need for an actual starting goaltender, then I’m not quite sure what will. At least when Markkanen started to collapse like a house of cards the Oilers were able to put in Conklin.

Meanwhile’s game recap has perhaps the most insane lede paragraph in the history of sports journalism.

Like unicorns, the yeti, and the tooth fairy, defense proved little more than a myth Wednesday night in Vancouver.

I know it’s tough to go through an 80+ game season and keep game recaps interesting but lay off the LSD okay.

No comics on comics day

Typically Wednesday is the day new comic books hit the streets and it is also one of my two days off during the week. I’ve ritualized going to Golden Age Comics on Granville and searching through their new titles, picking a few random reads up along with what’s been saved on my pull list (or save file as they call it there). They stack all the new issues up on the back counter for easy browsing but yesterday there were no new comics on the back counter.

What will I do without my weekly hit of my stories? Can I survive the holidays? Are the X-Men doomed? Find out in next month’s issue True Believer!

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