get off your bloody high horse

or on it depending upon how you look at it.

i give blood on a pretty regular basis. i try for 5 times a year anyway.
they called me in december as they normally do when i’m elligible to give again and asked me to come in. as per normal all the appointments for the holidays were booked up, as that’s when people think of charity (i’m not sure what shade of hypocisy that might be) so i made an appt for today instead.

so i got up nice and early (read 10:30) made myself breakfast and then headed out to walk to the clinic with my wife. it was nicely not raining as we walked out the door and the just under an hour walk there was fairly pleasant.

gave blood. everything went as per normal, except, and this is the bloody high horse part, once again, in january they were underbooked, understaffed and just not getting much response. i guess people are all charitied out right now. kind of silly if you ask me.

so then we leave the clinic, it’s been just under an hour. now it’s raining. not too hard but hard enough that i unwrap my hood and put it up. ever 6.3 minutes (trust me, i timed it) over the next hour, it rained another step harder. just before the end the tapping noise of rain on my hood was loud enough that i couldn’t hear my wife’s voice talking to me anymore. when i got home, i was wet enough that my pants could be physically wrung out. i didn’t but i think you could have if you wanted to. i just was just supremely sopping wet.

so my question is…what kind of karmic repayment is this? that said, i like it in vancouver when it rains that hard, it’s refreshing, hard rain just isn’t a vancouver type thing.

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