success in advertising

unless you lived in some weird hermitage this holiday season you saw/heard the telus hippo ads.
everyone did.
i wasn’t surprised that telus had managed to pick a catchy song for it’s campaign, they seem to have tarantino’s own skill at picking catchy songs that have fond places in our memories. but i was surprised at the extent of the impact. everyone, and i mean every single person, i came across this season had this song somewhere near the front of their mind.
they were either angry that at a moment’s notice the song would be stuck in their head for hours or they were happily humming the song. i kind of liked it, the song that is. it wouldn’t stick in my mind very long and had the added benefit of being insidious in my wife’s mind so i could make guarded reference to it and watch her squirm in it’s grasp for long periods of time. maybe i’m not a very nice guy…hmmm…oh well. i’m going to go ahead and call it the christmas spirit.

i was not aware, however, just how big the impact was. this article shows that things got a lot bigger than i’d thought. more power to ’em.

all in all it’s pretty innocuous advertising no matter how insidious it comes across.

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