Am I Ready to Sell my Condo?

So, I got a call this morning from (604) 731-1182. The fellow on the other end of the line said, “Good Morning! I’m just calling to see if you were interested in selling your condo.”

I said I didn’t own a condominium. He said, “Oh, thank you anyway,” and hung up.

I called him back (yay caller ID) and asked him who he was, how he got my phone number and why he thought I had a condo. He wouldn’t tell me who he was, and caller ID just said “Private” (boo caller ID).

He said he just got my number from the phone book. Susie and I used to live downtown in a condominium and we still have the same number.

I figure, if people are randomly calling up condo owners asking if they’re ready to sell, it’s either because a) speculation and demand is SO out of control that they’re looking for any way to weasel in, and that’s too insane to last, or b) this guy’s like a shark — he smells blood in the water and he knows that there’s a wave of condo owners ready to sell who might just be scared into it by a well-timed phone call.

Of course, it could be c) he works for the ministry of condo sales and he’s just doing a survey. Who knows.

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