The Coldplay Vancouver show

Thanks go out to the Vancouverite [van] for pointing me to the World Wide Water Cooler’s take on the recent Coldplay show in Vancouver [wwwc]. Reading the review justifies my not going, that and the fact that they were charging $1.3 million for each seat, and meshes well with a lot of my views on the band.

I really loved Coldplay’s first album, especially “Yellow” and “Spies”. I liked their second one, though it wasn’t that different than their first, and have never really got into their third because frankly by version 3.0 I’d kind of gotten tired of the whole sub-Joshua Tree sound.

They get compared to U2 alot, though they’re far more commerically minded than U2 were until recently, and certainly far quicker to embrace the mainstream. U2 learned after Rattle and Hum that to stay a great band they needed to continue changing and innovating. Coldplay have yet to recieve the commercial and critical spanking they’re starting to deserve by being boring. (Critics these days are so used to people lipsyncing that the fact the band plays its own guitars blinds them to all other problems). Coldplay needs to reinvent themselves musically, if not image wise. They don’t need to adopt the sunglasses and big tv screens of U2, but at least expand their musical boundaries.

In concert they’re probably a good club act, maybe a small theatre but I couldn’t imagine them being able to fill a stadium with sound at all and apparently I was right.

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  1. jason1973 (unregistered) on January 30th, 2006 @ 5:44 pm

    You should have gone, you might have surprised yourself. It was a great gig. The new album actually plays out well live.

    Coldplay put on a great stadium show, excellent light and the huge screen you talk about was fantastic. The crowd really got into it. They have a lot of songs people can sing-along with.

    Reading a few interviews with them lately, they know they have to break out and change their style a little. $50 for a ticket isn’t that bad, look at what old has been rock bands charge for entrance these days.

    I’m not sure how they can be far more comercially minded than U2, they seem pretty similar in that respect.

    It’s hard for you to comment I think unless you went along. If you liked the first album you would have loved the show.

    Saying that, Fiona Apple really sucked badly….

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