maybe i’m like the groundhog

So about 4 weeks ago i got this lung infection thing. it basically knocked me down and out for the past 4 weeks.
no, seriously, for most of that time standing up would make me breathe hard my wheezy breaths for a few minutes just to let my body catch up with the oxygen.

it wasn’t really even anything serious, it just felt that way. even the energy to sit at the computer wasn’t really there. so, yeah, i haven’t really been posting.

why do i tell you all this, you might ask? well, i kind of think that it’s a little interesting that at about the same time as i get better (ish) and at about the same time we have groundhog day, things outside turn up all nice and rosey.

see…sick, confined to sofa…rainy awful icky outside.
better…can get off sofa…nice outside.

i’m like a groundhog.

just so we we’re clear though, i don’t want the job ever again.

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