st valentine’s day massacre

The wife and I aren’t celebrating V-day today cause i worked all day and right now she’s sleeping so she can leave her work at 9 p.m. we’re just moving it forward a couple of days to thursday when she has the night off. as such we’d decided not to do anything today.

well, that just won’t do of course. since i work on Granville Island it’s pretty easy to pop into the market on the way home from work and grab anything i might need. so i’m just going to grab one flower and maybe 1 chocolate. just to let the day be noted but not really celebrated. i decided at the last moment to make my chocolate a tiny tart cake and as i was waiting in line at the bakery counter i looked over at the flower place…oh my, there were 13 people lined up waiting for flowers. all of them male

ick. she doesn’t need flowers that badly when it’s not our V-day.
but i don’t give up, i go to the other end and the other flower shop. there’s about 5 guys thronged around a counter and about 4 ladies serving them. that’s more my speed. and i find this tiny pack of 5 orange and red gerbers that are gorgeous. so i get them without a lot of wait.

all those men.
doing their last minute saving themselves work.
what a weird holiday.

it was a good call though. when i got home there was a floaty heart balloon tied to my computer desk.

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