Guess Where Vancouver: A photographic scavenger hunt

Grasping Sky Two Heads

If you think you know Vancouver, there’s a photo group on Flickr that wants to hear from you.

It’s called Guess Where Vancouver, and it’s a lot of fun. Of course I’d say that — I moderate it. But it’s really really true.

The idea is that contributors take pictures of interesting, quirky, obscure or revealing pictures anywhere around Vancouver. They post them without saying where the picture was taken, and then others can guess what the picture is of.

It’s amazing the speed with which most of the submitted photos are guessed. SeanOrr and AlwaysBeClosing are particularly quick. You can see which pictures haven’t yet been guessed by looking for the “Unguessed” tag. Right now, there are about 48 photos unguessed, including the four at the top of this post — why not see if you can figure out a few of them?

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  1. Judy B (unregistered) on March 6th, 2006 @ 3:33 pm

    GuessWhere Vancouver is great fun! I started out by posting one photo to the Flickr group, then the bug bit me. Now I see our city a bit differently … seeking sights that would be intriguing, and maybe a bit puzzling, to others.

    Lately I’ve been whipping out my wee digital and shooting all sorts of quirky Vancouver sights. As I bike/walk/drive around, I find myself trying to identify ‘unguessed’ photos I’ve seen on the group.

    Of course, all this is fairly background activity, I do have a life. But it’s a way fun sub-current and highly recommended if you’re visually oriented.

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