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Here at Metroblogging Vancouver we’ve pointed out that some of the ports included in the P&O deal that’s seeing the United Arab Emirates’ government take over ownership of several American ports, are Vancouver ports [mbv]. The deal has caused a stir because of fears of terrorism, and because it’s a way for the US Democrats to make Bush look weak on national defense which is usually his strong area in the public’s eye.

We also reported that with the deal a Dubai Metblogger posted about how the city was posed to be the next great city of the world, like New York today or London was in its day [mbv][mbd].

Now the site has directly taken on the issue of the ports purchase [mbd], arguing that the issue really isn’t about security instead it is:

a racial and religious issue because of the misconceptions that most Americans have with the Arab World. Most Americans do not know much about Dubai & the UAE, but they know it is situated in the Persian Gulf, they know it is an Arab country and thus they feel that it is not safe.

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  1. Rod Templeton (unregistered) on February 27th, 2006 @ 2:03 pm

    But as Dana Bushman posted on Metblogs: NYC, a full *80%* of American ports are currently foreign-owned. So this appears to be another case of needless fear-mongering.

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