Parking like a drunk

I have to admit that I’m not sure if this a widespread problem or if its just the idiots on my street, or what. I’m talking about people in residential areas who angle-park across the sidewalk, with their back wheels on the street, and the front wheels on their lawn, completely blocking the sidewalk. Lest you think that parking is limited on the street, let me assure you that it’s most definitely not. It’s not even the same people that do it all the time. It’ll happen at a number of different houses on the block.

Apparently it’s gotten to the point that the city has taken to announcing that they will be writing tickets for those idiots who park like this. I like a better approach. The next car on my street that blocks the sidewalk is going to have me walking across the damn hood. And please, try and call the cops and explain what happened, and how your car was parked when it happend. I wouldn’t imagine you’d get much sympathy from them.

Is this common around the Lower Mainland, or do I just live in a city of morons?

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