Still hooked on Cafe S.V.P.

Cafe S'il Vous Plait

Hi, my name is Matt, and I’m an addict.

I don’t mess with drugs. And alcohol’s not my issue, though I do like my beer now and again.

I’m officially addicted to Cafe S’il Vous PlaĆ®t.

Tonight I started to cook dinner at home. I really did. But when the lettuce for my salad was followed into the bowl by some kind of woodland slime mould, and nothing else in the fridge was wearing a “Hello! My name is Dinner” name tag, I just couldn’t help myself.

And it wasn’t just tonight, with my big bowl of Chili No Carne.

It’s true — I was there Monday night as well, trying the Vegetarian Shepard’s [sic] Pie.

What? Sunday? Um . . . yeah, that might have been just the day before that I was lunching on some Indian Samosa Pie, but I really thought it had been more than just a day. I couldn’t miss it that much after only 24 hours, right? Right?

But you can’t blame me. Good food. Quiet. Always a place to sit. Bottomless coffee mug. A comfortable place to work on my laptop or read a book. Even a coat hook at every booth. Friendly staff. That would be enough already, wouldn’t it? And then add the best cornbread north of the Canadian River? What’s a man to do?

I promise I’ll quit. Once I’ve tried everything on the menu, maybe. Though the Breakfast Pie and Samosa Pie are worth eating twice, just to make sure they were really that satisfying the first time. And they just added Udon Noodles to the menu, so that adds another visit or two. And the daily specials, depending on how many of those there are.

What? No, it’s not gourmet food, exactly, but it’s healthy, and satisfying, and just the right portion, and tasty. And their homemade salad dressing is oh so sweet and vinegary.

But I’ll quit after that, I promise. Honest. I might even skip the homemade desserts. Maybe.

As long as that takeout container of cornbread keeps longer than my lettuce did. . . .

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