The Georgia Straight: I liked your earlier, funnier issues

goldenplate.jpgThis week is the Golden Plate awards. I consider this issue such a benchmark of Vancouver restaurants that when I put it in my magazine rack this week, I removed last year’s Golden Plate issue, since I had been keeping that all year as a restaurant reference.

But I fear that my friend Eric Bin has it right: somewhere the Georgia Straight went off the rails, and Vancouver Magazine is doing a much better job of directing me to interesting places to eat.

The Straight does okay by its feature articles, even if the food critics round table article is rather tedious, and doesn’t seem to tell me much (except that restaurant critics may be actively allergic to suburbs besides North Vancouver. Perhaps they’re some sort of culinary vampires: instead of running water, they can’t cross municipal boundaries).

The real weirdness is in the survey awards. Okay, who voted McDonald’s “best fries”? I know their fries are good, and we all liked them when we were children, but come on! The mess of fries from Waazubee’s is far tastier, and I wouldn’t be so incautious as to claim they had the best fries in town.

It just goes on like that. I suspect a high level of Zagat Effect is in operation with the Golden Plates, though even that doesn’t explain the McDonald’s fries.

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