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VIM (or more banner euphoria)

VIM Banner on Burrard St. Bridge

Originally uploaded by w_yvr.

A great deal of Vancouver will still be asleep and quite unaware that 15,000 people and their loyal fans are marshalling at 7 a.m. for the Vancouver International Marathon – Canada’s largest marathon – on Sunday, May 7th. In anticipation of this, the posts on Burrard Street Bridge have been decorated with VIM banners for the past few weeks.

I’ll be there with bells on as your resident crazy runner-blogger.

Looking for New Japanese Curry Restaurant

Sad news. The Japanese curry restaurant that I turned to on rainy days or when I needed to clear out a head cold, has disappeared. It was called Copper Onion Curry Bar at 1331 Robson Street, and it’s been replaced by another, generic Japanese restaurant that doesn’t serve curry. (Obscure trivia: Copper Onion was the first restaurant entered in the Web site database.)

They also had a big ol’ wall o’ Pocky.


I’ve tried what they offer at The Clubhouse (255 West 2nd Avenue), but it’s not the same, and don’t even talk to me about the bowl you get at the food fair at Granville Island market. It’s very inexpensive and there’s no wait, but that’s all I can say that’s good about it.

If you have any decent suggestions about where I should now go to get good Japanese-style curry, please share.

Sidekick! Movie Coming to Town

There’s a one-night-only screening of Sidekick at Tinseltown on Monday night, 7:30. I’m going, hope to see you there.

Update: Keith says they might not be selling tickets at the door — see the comments for more details.

Sidekick’s a Canadian film, eh — it was the Opening Night Gala show at the 2006 Canadian Filmmakers Festival in Toronto (where it won the People’s Pick For Best Flick award).


It’s about a fellow who discovers his co-worker has a bit of a superpower, and tries to get his to be a do-gooder. The crew of this film have been schlepping (yes, that’s the technical term) the film across Canada for a month on a promotion tour and Vancouver is the last stop.

I heard about it from Drexoll Games in Kits. Tanks, guys!

Plant Sale Day at VanDusen Botanical Garden


Today was the annual plant sale at the VanDusen Botanical Garden. My wife attended with two friends, and said that it was a really great selection of plants — not flowers, but the green, leafy, twiggy things in your yard that go underappreciated this time of year when other things are blooming all showy-like. On plant sale say, admission is free. Now you’ll know for next year.

My pal Rob said that the gardens used to be a golf course, way back when. (The Web site backs him up, noting that the Shaughnessy Golf Club moved from there to a new location in 1960.) Now’s a good time of year to visit, so drop in after 10 a.m. and before dusk.

Remember Expo 86? Well now you can with a photo montage!

Thanks to someone who decided to edit a bunch of photos together and stick the whole thing up on Youtube we can now relive Expo 86, which in a way was our warmup for the Olympics in 2010. I remember Expo being quite like a really boring version of Disney’s Epcot Center, but then again I was only eight in 1986,

A new stadium for the Whitecaps?

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Running to stand still, originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

There’s a good article about the Vancouver Whitecaps in the Georgia Straight [gs]. It takes a look both at the new soccer stadium they want to get built down by the Seabuses downtown and about how the team has yet to reflect the ethnic makeup of Vancouver.

You know like the Canucks reflect Vancouver’s ethnic makeup which consists of Canadians, violent Canadians, Swedes and Swedish twins.

Anyway if the city gives the go ahead on the construction of the stadium it’ll be quite exciting. A new facility will help the Whitecaps become more of a focus in the city, and hopefully help soccer development in Vancouver from the youth levels and up.

As a descendant of Portuguese soccer players, John Rocha might have had it rough growing up in hockey-happy Kitimat. The northern B.C. town boasts long, snowy winters, Alcan, and two ice rinks for a town of 12,000 folk. But it wasn’t your average mill town. Thanks to economic opportunities, Kitimat in the 1970s and ’80s attracted Indian, Greek, Italian, and Portuguese immigrants, possible the most diverse town in the North, Rocha said.

“Soccer was like a glue,” Rocha, now the president of the Vancouver Whitecaps Football Club, told the Georgia Straight in an interview at the Whitecaps’ downtown offices. “It really helped me appreciate my own culture and the cultures of others.”

As a member of the Vancouver Multicultural Society, Rocha said he would like to help glue together Vancouver’s communities, too, through soccer.

The ultimate symbol of this aspiration? A 15,000-seat stadium shrine to Vancouver’s diversity in the heart of downtown, adjacent to the SeaBus terminal. If approved by Vancouver city council on June 13, it will overlook the water and replace Burnaby’s Swangard Stadium as the Whitecaps’ home by 2009.

“We want this to be about a lot of things: sustainability, internationalism, a gateway,” he said. “Soccer connects all of that.”

You can’t high-five real bears

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Bob Brown Bear, originally uploaded by baseballart.

Maktaaq has already blogged about the Spirit Bears [sb] located around Vancouver [mbv]. Nay, not blogged but raged against the art machine that created the individually painted bears positioned around town.

Meanwhile I pass one on Cordova by Canada Place every night on my way from the Waterfront Skytrain Station home after work. I try to give it a high-five, unless there’s a bit puddle in front of it, because you know it’s just standing there with its arm out asking for one.

And you can’t high-five a real bear can you [cn]?

Vancouver blogs: the Google search

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Google Food, originally uploaded by brionv.

Let’s face it to nerds having their website have a high rank on Google is like Mario getting a 1-Up mushroom and a fireflower… it’s a nerd powerup.

Anyway the higher a site’s rank on Google the better, right? Right?

For the highly coveted post as the first search result for the phrase “Vancouver Blog” [gl] people are willing to kill… kill I say.

If people are willing to kill for a high Google rank then the most murderous must be Shane of ShanesWorld [sw]. Granted he’s a blog consultant and has a pretty good site so maybe he’s achieved his page rank through means other than murder, but maybe not…

Anyway he’s got one of them tag clouds on his page, which is cool. I’ve been trying to get one for my page [jks], but there’s no simple way to do it with Typepad.

Next up is Urban Vancouver [uv] who get into the second spot. Urban Vancouver are a nice bunch of peoples, and sort of like The Pixies of the Vancouver group blog scene in that they were here before anyone else and everyone likes them.

Us here at Metroblogging Vancouver manage to squeeze in at number three. Bully for us.

A blog about the Vancouver housing market clocks in next [vhm].

The urban hipsters at Beyond Robson [br] and Darren Barefoot [db] who didn’t like Dave Eggers’ book A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius [db]. That’s almost as bad as murder, since I remember (having read it 5+ years ago) really liking it and wishing that I had written it.

More eagles in the news

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Dad Preening IMG_5784.jpg, originally uploaded by wildorcaimages.

While everyone with an internet connection is watching two eagle eggs in Vancouver via a web cam [mbv] the front of The Province has a far more harrowing eagle story, that of the eleven men charged with killing over 50 bald eagles in North Vancouver [cbc].

The charges include “possession and trafficking in dead wildlife”. More charges may be laid.

My first Whitecaps game: Vancouver Whitecaps 2 – Toronto Lynx 0

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So I went to the Vancouver Whitecaps home game against the Toronto Lynx tonight. Took some photos, bought a hot dog and a coke. It was fun, and I’m now convinced totally that the season ticket package I bought was well worth it [mbv].

It was a close game for most of the 90 minutes, with the Whitecaps managing to hang onto a first half goal for dear life. Thanks to some first class goaltending by Josh Wicks Vancouver managed to keep their one – nil lead until finally putting the game out of reach of Toronto [mbt] by scoring a second goal in the dying minutes.

A full recap can be found on the team’s official site [wcfc].

If you’re a soccer/football fan in Vancouver and have not yet gone to see the Whitecaps I definitly recomend it. It’s good football, and the price for a single game is such that it’s a good way to spend an evening and you won’t lose much money if you don’t like it.

However it’s quite unlikely that you won’t like it if you are a footie fan.

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