Make a little birdhouse in my soul

This is a Birdhouse.

There is a park along the harbourfront in North Vancouver if you head a little bit south of the North Shore Auto Mall. It, like much of the development on Harbourside drive (Bodwell Boarding School, for example) is reasonably new and fresh. It is also right next to my doctor’s office, and so after a visit to that building, I went for a walk through the park.

There were a lot of dogs playing with each other. This made me smile. There were a lot of elderly couples sitting, not in the park itself, but in their cars, looking at the park. I didn’t get that at all – it was sunny, warm and beautiful this afternoon. There were seals swimming around the harbour and sunning on the log raft near the barges.

Lastly, there was a birdhouse walk.

Yes, that is a clown-face birdhouse. The sign at the beginning of the walk stated the following: The 15 artistically-inspired birdhouses found along this walkway were created by community artists and craftspeople for chickadees and violet-green or tree swallows.

They were all very interesting. My favourite was the Train Bridge under construction (seen above,) but this one comes in a close second:

We all need somewhere to send our old computer cases, don’t we?

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