Playing Ultimate Again aka I Ain’t in College Any More

Last night, I went to a practice with the East Van Halen ultimate team at North China Park.

You know how it feels when you run after the school bus and you run as hard as you can but you can’t catch it?

Yeah, it felt kinda like that.

But the practice was fun, the folks were welcoming, and despite the rain — well, I called it rain, the other people there called it “slightly spitting” — I had a good time. Even with my inability to stop making wise cracks, I did get props for having a multi-colored, recycled disc that turned heads.

And I surprised myself by finding my cleats, which were buried in a box at the bottom of many other boxes of “sports stuff I never use.” Which was very exciting until the left one disintegrated on the playing field, thereby saving my lungs from further injury.

Signing up for an ultimate team here hasn’t been easy. The Vancouver League is very large, very well organized, and very much assumes you know what you’re doing already. If I hadn’t had a blog to post on, and a bunch of friends who know a zillion people to help me find a team in need of players, I might be in the same boat I was in last year, when I wasn’t able to find a team. This year, I’m lucky enough to be able to choose from two. I’m still trying to decide what night works best for my schedule, and which team I fit in with the best. There’s one other team that I’m going to go “try on” and then we’ll see which one actually wants me.

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