“Hey, I go there!”

I’m not a re-broadcaster of local news around here, but the shooting at Kwong Chow Congee House immediately grabbed my attention this morning.

Kwong Chow Congee, at Main and 16th, is the restaurant I would easily recommend for a large variety of food of decent quality for cheap. Further, it’s a bright and clean-looking establishment that looks on the up-and-up, a bustling family establishment by day and unassuming diner that cool and not-so-cool peeps hit up for siu yeh, our second dinner that commences at midnight. It is in the area of Main that I overheard a local say, “It’s really cleaned up, completely transformed from five years ago.”

In fact, I was in that area last night, too. It’s just… an eye-opener that this probably gang-related gangland-type violence (CTV mentions dozens of shots being fired) occurred further south than the usual area.

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