Third Ride: Mount Burke

For our third ride, we wanted to head out to a reasonably easy trail, after all the bruises and scrapes acquired on Ned’s. I remembered riding Flywheel on Mount Burke in the Coquitlam area last year as part of my course, and I remembered it being easy enough that I came out of the ride feeling very confident about the whole thing, so we went on a quest to chase down Flywheel once more.

Unfortunately for us, my memory of places is not the best. I found the trailhead without any trouble, but once in the forest, finding the proper trail down the side of the mountain was more challenging. We ended up on some other trail that had a lot of rickety structures. At one point early on I saw a sign that said “Gonzo,” but I can find no reference to a trail of that name anywhere on Mount Burke.

Whatever the trail’s name, it was more challenging than I remember Flywheel being (and I rode that with my little cross-country hardtail bike) – I had to walk a good part of it. There were some good spots, a lot less eroded and fewer boulders than the North Shore trails I’ve ridden, but there were also a lot of structures and one long log ride that I don’t have the nerve to even consider trying.

I don’t do many structures, especially not if they look like they might collapse at any moment. Adam really enjoyed the trail, however, and considered it a good one to practice structures on. Not for me, thanks. We hope to go back and see if we can find the Flywheel I remember, but we’ll save that for later. I think we’re back on the North Shore for our next outing – Fromme, maybe.

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