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Drexoll’s got a second location


Ask any serious board game fan, and they’ll tell you Drexoll Games is the best game store in town. As of July 1st, it will be the two best game stores in town. At least as long as you consider Port Coquitlam in town.

Free Stuff to Do in Vancouver: Dance Lessons

TONIGHT and every Friday night until September 1st, the party is at Robson Square.

You see, DanceSport BC’s Robson Square Summertime Dance Series kicks off their 10-week run offering an en masse dance lesson, General Dancing time slots to practice your new moves, and dance demonstrations by local studios. It’s a fabulous way to pick up some basic steps, evaluate the instructors, and get an idea from the demonstrations how far you can take the Dance of the Evening (it’s rumba tonight).

The fun begins at 8 p.m. Admission is by donation and a non-perishable food item is very much welcomed.

If Robson Square wasn’t already a little pocket of paradise in downtown Vancouver, it is when lit up at night old school-style, with an open dance with experienced couples obliviously flying by the more prevalent newbies. And at 11:30, it wraps up with the Last Waltz. Doesn’t that sound utterly blissful?

Adults Only?


As a result of many a dining experience, I shudder at the thought of going to an establishment that sounds like a big-box chain – Red Robin, Milestone’s, White Spot, East Side Mario’s, Jack Astor’s….. I couldn’t resist a measure of wariness when heading towards Joey Tomato’s in Coquitlam.

It was fabulous – swanky cas’ that makes you feel all grown-up but at least content to not have to pay a nonsense premium for that experience. The servers, though so young and perky, were attentive and pleasant on the eye. (Did I just sound like a guy there?)

I also confirmed for the umpteenth time that I should not be allowed to order for myself because while my ahi tuna burger (13.99) was very good-for-you good, my companion’s lobster-and-ricotta ravioli in lemon-dill cream sauce (19.99) was dreamy, creamy morsels of heaven and home/Halifax….

The Richmond Night Market

Ryan has alread blogged about the nightmarket in Chinatown [mbv], but I decided to take a drive with Lydia and go to the Richmond Nightmarket [rnm]. Well okay it was at Lydia’s suggestion, since she’d been there before and knew it was great. So we went and it was great. Okay parking isn’t the most awesome thing ever, but it’s fun.

Most of the merchandise is a selection of varying quality knock off versions of brand name products. I was disapointed that the football (soccer) jerseys were not even as good as the knock offs that I bought from Thailand on eBay. Okay the real attraction is the food. Rows of booths compete for attention with wonderful foodstuffs. I had not one but two crepes, and Lydia and I shared some meatballs, made out of meat.

It runs Friday through Sunday nights and is definitly worth a drive out to Richmond.

2006 – 2007: The Cancucks

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Todd Bertuzzi, originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

So Todd Bertuzzi is gone. I was watching his post-trade interview on one of the sports stations and it seems like he’s both sad to leave the fans and sort of excited to be playing in the city where he won’t be famous. And I think the Canucks actually did okay on the trade, since we’ve seen with the Oilers how much having a hot goalie can help a team in the playoffs.

So though the post-season dealings have just started what are your predictions? I predicted last year to a co-worker than the Oilers would win the cup, so I was awful close. Get your predictions in now so if you’re right you can crow about it all year long.

I predict the Canucks will make the playoffs but lose in the second round. How about you?

More Art Scavenger Hunting


Just when you think there’s not enough to see and do in downtown Vancouver, especially for those who are event-and-schedule challenged like I am, you find sites like this which give you another reason to wander around outside, even in the sudden June heat: The City of Vancouver Public Art Registry

Whether you’re trying to figure out the story behind all the doorknobs embedded in the pavement at that building on Seymour St, wanted to know why the Vancouver Art Gallery has boats on the roof, or are looking for secret art works you may have passed by a dozen times without noticing, the site is a great resource.

Now the question is whether there’s any public art downtown which isn’t listed. . . .

Why Vancouver Rocks: Rafting


Originally uploaded by Farang Noi.

I realize that I repeat myself a lot on this subject, but the truth of the matter is, the very best thing that I have discovered about Vancouver is the access to so many different exciting, adventurous, outdoor fun activities. This past weekend I got to go Whitewater rafting just a couple of short hours drive outside of Vancouver, near the small town of Boston Bar in the Fraser Canyon at a place called REO Rafting.

(I’m in the first raft, but you can’t see me since I’m hiding behind some of the other people in our boat.)

We rafted the Nahatlatch River which was at class 4 due to a wet spring. At one point I was launched out of the raft and ended up underneath it – interesting experience to say the least. Fortunately I found my way back to the surface and was rescued by my fellow rafters. Nothing like being under a boat in cold cold water to get the adrenaline flowing!

I didn’t really know what to expect from rafting – I figured it would be a fairly mellow ride with a few dips and twists and turns, all tame and easy. It was a little more than that, however – we actually had to paddle to get where we wanted to go (hooray for interactivity!) and the instant of ‘hey I’m under the boat in some extremely fast moving and rock-filled water, and could drown if I stay here’ was quite something.

One more fun and exciting thing I’ve only had access to since I moved to Vancouver. I love this place.

Little Sparrow Garden

Sparrow Garden

Along Granville, in the downtown core, there is the Little Sparrow Garden. Does anyone know who made it? What’s the deal behind it? It’s such a cute idea – does anyone know if there are other public gardens around town for other birds?

Bert for Roberto

Photo: Jeffery

[I know Travis has already covered this tale, but I had this post in the pipe, and I think it offers some additional analysis. We may not be a hockey blog, but this is big. -RjC]

In news that has completely knocked the Jays, the World Cup, and the Miami Heat off Canadian sports news sites, the Vancouver Canucks have traded the Florida Panthers Todd Bertuzzi for Roberto Luongo.

Bye Bye Bert

Turned on the news last night to find that the Canucks had finally moved Todd Bertuzzi, sending him, Alex Auld and Bryan Allen to the Florida Panthers for Roberto Luongo, Lukas Krajicek, and a 6th round draft pick.

It was time for Bertuzzi to go. All of the personal issues that he’s been going through after the incidient involving Steve Moore have had a negative impact on his game. It really didn’t look like his head or his heart was in the game at all last year. It’s kind of understandable, and we’ll see how things work out for him in south Florida next year.

Auld got the raw end of the deal, in my opinion. Here’s a guy who came in with less than a full season’s worth of games under his belt and was then asked to carry the team for the whole year. Maybe if he’d had the team that looked so good on paper playing in front of him instead of the one that usually showed up, it would have been someone else moving rather than him. Good luck, Auldy.

Luongo comes aboard as one of the best goaltenders in the game, but part of the reason that Florida shipped him off was his refusal to sign a long-term contract without a no-trade clause. The the job now goes to Dave Nonis to try and get this done.

Global TV called this deal a career-maker for Nonis, but it could go either way. If he signs Luongo, Nonis has pulled off an excellent trade. If he won’t sign, he’s trade Bertuzzi, Auld, and a top-4 defenceman in Bryan Allen, for an unknown defenceman, and a draft pick.

Let’s hope things work out.

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