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[I know Travis has already covered this tale, but I had this post in the pipe, and I think it offers some additional analysis. We may not be a hockey blog, but this is big. -RjC]

In news that has completely knocked the Jays, the World Cup, and the Miami Heat off Canadian sports news sites, the Vancouver Canucks have traded the Florida Panthers Todd Bertuzzi for Roberto Luongo.

It seems a shame that this formulation leaves Alex Auld to be mere filler (and Bryan Allen, for that matter), and I don’t really know enough about Krajicek to say something sensible, though clearly he and the sixth-rounder are throw-ins (however legitimate) to pay for the goalie Vancouver now needed to shed, and which Florida needed to pick up.

Does that mean Vancouver overpaid by one Bryan Allen? I don’t know.

My cynical comment is that the Canucks traded the wrong goalie, not because I think Cloutier is a bad goalie, but because I think Cloutier is both too good and too expensive to be a number-two goalie. One mad theory may be that Nonis believes that in the New NHL (now with Salary Cap!) a pair of starter-grade goaltenders is a useful way to spend cap space.

I have no idea how this trade will work out for either team. Neither do most commentators, but I’m honest enough to be clear about it and not pretend to have psychic powers or deep insight.

What I can say is Nonis has established this team as his own creation: new coach, new star player, and he still has a spot or two to fill in on the lineup card. On the other hand, Luongo may cost $7 million to sign for this year. If so, this package leaves the Canucks nearly a million dollars more expensive than last year, and with a hole to fill on left wing. That will partly be taken care of by a rise in the salary cap, and partly by promoting the Sedins to the first line, but on the other hand, the Sedins aren’t signed right now, and they look like they have earned a pretty big raise.

Good? Bad? Sometimes in sport, interesting is enough.

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  1. Diesel (unregistered) on July 4th, 2006 @ 7:31 pm

    Did you think that maybe Keenan wanted a young developing, cheap goalie like Auld, instead of Cloutier?

    I think Bertuzzi and Jokinen should be good but Jokinen is no Naslund, and with Luongo, we really just need some scoring and thats good enough.

  2. Ryan Cousineau (unregistered) on July 5th, 2006 @ 9:08 am

    Diesel, you’re probably close to the mark: I suspect that Keenan simply didn’t want Cloutier for the price he would cost. Maybe he sees Auld as a lot better deal, or maybe he has his eye on another goalie.

    As for next year’s prospects, I’m bad at predictions. Note that the Canucks have gone to the Stanley Cup finals every 12 seasons since they entered the league, and thanks to the aborted strike year, 2006/7 will be the 12 season since the 1994 cup run.

    Well hey. It’s about as good an indicator as what most sports writers use.

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