Why Vancouver Rocks: Rafting


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I realize that I repeat myself a lot on this subject, but the truth of the matter is, the very best thing that I have discovered about Vancouver is the access to so many different exciting, adventurous, outdoor fun activities. This past weekend I got to go Whitewater rafting just a couple of short hours drive outside of Vancouver, near the small town of Boston Bar in the Fraser Canyon at a place called REO Rafting.

(I’m in the first raft, but you can’t see me since I’m hiding behind some of the other people in our boat.)

We rafted the Nahatlatch River which was at class 4 due to a wet spring. At one point I was launched out of the raft and ended up underneath it – interesting experience to say the least. Fortunately I found my way back to the surface and was rescued by my fellow rafters. Nothing like being under a boat in cold cold water to get the adrenaline flowing!

I didn’t really know what to expect from rafting – I figured it would be a fairly mellow ride with a few dips and twists and turns, all tame and easy. It was a little more than that, however – we actually had to paddle to get where we wanted to go (hooray for interactivity!) and the instant of ‘hey I’m under the boat in some extremely fast moving and rock-filled water, and could drown if I stay here’ was quite something.

One more fun and exciting thing I’ve only had access to since I moved to Vancouver. I love this place.

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