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An terrifying message from Al Gore

An Inconvenient Truth is now playing in a few theatres in Vancouver, including Tinsletown and Fifth Avenue. I haven’t seen it yet but those who have say good things. I’ll probably check it out at some point, though as Lydia pointed out it doesn’t seem to be the sort of film that you need to rush out and go see in a theatre. Surely Al Gore’s Keynote presentation is almost as effective on DVD.

Photo Odyssey

Vandigicam is a local photography meet up group I’ve been involved with for over a year. We get together fairly regularly to take pictures, explore the city through photo walks, and meet new people. Please check us out our Flickr group, where all upcoming events are posted.

Tomorrow there is an event called the Vandigicam Photo Odyssey – a film photography based photo treasure hunt of sorts. The starting point is Wicked Cafe (Hemlock & 7th) between 11am and noon. A film camera is required and participants are welcome to take part individually or as a team. (These can be chosen by you ahead of time or the day of. Please make sure at least one member has a film camera to share.) One roll of 35mm slide film will be provided at the cost of $15, as well a list of ten words.

Everyone will then have FOUR to FIVE HOURS to take pictures interpreting each word on the list, working alone or as a team. The end point will be Soma Cafe (Main & Broadway) between 4 – 5pm, where everyone hands back their film to the organizer for processing.

On Tuesday June 27 @ 7pm (location TBA in the Vandigicam thread) the group will reassemble to view the results of the Odyssey. We will get together, return the processed film to each team and have a slideshow of everyone’s work. Much fun will ensue as we eat, drink, laugh, and vote to choose the winning team.

Cost is $15 per team to cover film and processing. Please post in this thread if you plan to attend so that we can keep a per team/person film count.

Whistler in the Spring

If you want a really good deal, take the family over to Whistler for the day during the spring. Get up at 7AM, take the one and a half hour drive up Highway 99 and lo and behold, you’re in Whistler. Not that many people are there during the months of May and June, but there’s still so much to do, especially if it isn’t raining. We opted to go canoing in Green Lake and spend the rest of the day eating and strolling along in the villiage. Others would rent bikes and the ski buffs would ski on the glacier – all for a reasonable price. You can then leave at 8PM and still get home in time to get some decent shut eye.

We took our homestay students there in May and they had a great time! Hotels were dirt cheap there so we spent the night there and got some nice morning mountain air.

Feel free to take a look at our pictures on our Flickr Site:

Our short trip to Whistler

Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band this weekend!


It’s been about three years since I first learned about the Norweigian group Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren band. This was back when the label Emperor Norton was riding high with a huge a-list of popular electro artists on their roster. I believe this label has choked as their site hasn’t been updated for some time. But that is another story.

For me these guys swept me off my feet with their spacey 60’s lounge down tempo sound when I first downloaded a few tracks off their Emperor Norton page. That compelled me to keep a copy of their first album, A Special Album as something perfect to play in the stereo in for those long car rides south down I-5 when the weather and traffic was just perfect.

As opposed to listening to them on some shitty low wattage car speakers, I look forward to seeing and hearing them live after waiting years for them to come our way. They have two performances here in Vancouver this weekend as part of The Vancouver International Jazz Festival. One free, one paid.

(The free show)
June 24, 2006
Maple Tree Square Gastown
Water & Carrall

June 25, 2006
Performance Works – Granville. Island
1218 Cartwright St.
$19.50 ($2 off for students, seniors and Jazz Friends)

Additional info here on the The Vancouver International Jazz Festival page

All out Coup


I am aware that we’re at the tail end of the World Urban Festival, which has been widely covered by other blogs and countless other free publications. I will take this opportunity to point out one of the highlights not to be missed is the stick-it-to-the-man duo The Coup will be playing a FREE show this Saturday June 24, at 8:00pm, Main stage, 555 Great Northern Way

My first introduction to these guys was way back in 2001 when initial copies of their album Party Music were sent to magazines and elsewhere for review, The cover featured a Photoshopped Boots Riley detonating the World Trade Center. Who would have known that from the time the cover art was conceived and advance copies of Party Music were sitting on music critics’ desks that the WTC would have actually got blown up? Of course the timing couldn’t have sucked more and copies featuring less controversial artwork swapped places with their originals faster than you can say “Yesterday and Today”.

More Details here about The Coup’s show and other things going on at the WUF.

How’s about a little burning?

Photo courtesy of Hendrik Kueck.

If you’re looking for something to do this evening in celebration of the summer solstice, why not check out “Burning Devil” as part of the World Urban Festival. Opening ceremonies for the festival start at 6:30pm and various arts events (full schedule) continue on until Sunday in conjuction with the World Urban Forum.

The devil burning starts tonight at 10pm, and is a performance of the Public Dreams Society. They will launch the festival with the burning of a 14ft high effigy to celebrate the solstice.

Location: Great Northern Way Campus
555 Great Northern Way

Barnston Island

The other day while looking through the Flickr stream of Ben Johnson (aka sockeyed) I came across his wonderful photo set taken on Barnston Island. If you’re like me and have never heard of this place before, the island is just over 1,500 acres of land located in the Fraser River between Surrey and Pitt Meadows. It is a distinctly rural farming community of about 150 residents, and includes one of the three reserves of the Katzie First Nation.

(All photos courtesy of Ben Johnson.)

Meatup Recap

Photo: Wyn

It was a tidy group of six at Memphis Blues tonight, but I assure you, the food was worth the trip. The platter above served four people with ease. And then we went for gelato.

After the break, notes on the conversation.

Front-Runner for the Most Pathetic Crime Ever

24 Hours carried a story this morning about a Kool-Aid stand in the False Creek neighbourhood being robbed by a pair of enterprising refreshment thieves last weekend. One kid was allegedly punched in the head, and then the thieves drank the Kool-Aid from the kids’ cooler.

Really, how low can you go? What’s next? I keep trying to come up with examples, but without being really politically incorrect, none of them have the same air of tragic futility as the Kool-Aid stand robbery.

Car free and care free

Here’s a short photographic review of yesterday’s Car Free Commercial Drive street festival. I had a great time, and ran into many friends and acquaintances out enjoying the day.

Honk if you like bikes

(Mr. Cousineau, this first photo is for you.)

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