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The most oft-uttered phrase in Vancouver

When you have a decrease in humidity combined with a burst of sun, lush tree cover, and an unobstructed view of the North Shore mountains or False Creek, the common utterance is, This is what we live here for!” or some variation with strong undercurrents of revelling in living in The Best Place on Earth. During such a gorgeous day as yesterday, I felt as if I could hear it as a constant whisper with people across the city undoubtably saying it several times over during the freakishly long daylight hours.

Vancouverites are so much more unabashedly exuberant about embracing the city of their abode. As such, as a transplant and feeling quite comfortable here, I feel like yet another “victory” of the West Coast….

Reminder: Meatup Tuesday night

navbar.jpgI’m so excited about getting the chance to make a pig of myself at Memphis Blues tomorrow, that I thought I’d post a reminder to all of you that we’re going to meet up tomorrow night at 8pm, Memphis Blues, 1342 Commercial Drive.

No reservation necessary, but if you like you can drop a note in the comments.

Chinatown Night Market

Night Market

It’s Night Market season again. You probably know about the Richmond Night Market, which is big enough to have its own Flash-heavy website, and hosted 2 million patrons on 2005. But for a more intimate experience, there’s the Chinatown market.

Once a Year Every Four Years Only


This is just a reminder that the one day only Commercial Drive Festival is taking place on Sunday, June 18 from noon until 6 p.m.

I can only promote this festival based on unanimous positive feedback and the fact that soccer fans are converging on The Drive to make this year’s event extra-special. Of all the festivals I only learned about after the fact, the Commercial Drive one was the one I rued the most for missing. Besides, so far the the forecast is calling for sun.

Vancouver Wins Again!! … Wait…

CBC British Columbia – Vancouver house prices still highest in Canada

I’d like to buy a house someday. I just don’t think, given current trends and markets, that said house will be bought in Vancouver. Setting aside the concept of whether or not I want to raise kids in an urban setting (the jury’s still out on that one,) I simply cannot see the capability of buying a house – the kind with a front and back lawn and maybe a little garden – at Vancouver’s prices within my foreseeable future.

The average cost for a house in Vancouver is $518,176, which is up nearly 25% over what it was this time last year. Victoria came in second at $515,755, and somewhere further down the line Toronto trailed in at $365,537.

Not that I’m thinking about buying a house any time soon, but even if I was, these are numbers that I can’t actually comprehend. I love this city, but when I do reach a point when I’m thinking about buying a house, I will be moving on from here if this trend continues. I don’t mean to the ‘burbs.

If you’re going to complain do it with style

Following a post yesterday [mbv] about a customer who threatened, and then later did, use their blog to complain about the store that I work at I was a bit disapointed by the results [kz]. Anyone can write an angry post about how they feel the world is conspiring to treat badly, it takes some kind of brilliance to do it in style.

My favorite anti-Rogers website is the much loved and incredibly wonderful I Hate Rogers [ihr]. The only sad thing about the site is that it’s not updated enough, and that Rogers changed their own site layout since I Hate Rogers became active so the parody isn’t quite as good.

What are your favorite anti-corporate sites? Bonus points for ones bashing Canadian companies, or even better Vancouver companies.

Snow Patrol show cancelled

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Snow Patrol, originally uploaded by UTCPhoto.

The Snow Patrol show that was set for the Commodore Ballroom tonight has been cancelled due to a bad throat for frontman Gary Lightbody. I was keen for the show, more so than the excellent The Walkmen show I went to on the weekend, so it’s a bit of a let down.

Thankfully the show will take place in September on the 21st. It’s been moved to the PNE Forum, which I’m not particularly familiar with. I’d rather have had it at the Commodore, but at least it’s going to happen.

Here’s what Lightbody had to say about the cancellations on the band’s official website [sp].

I saw the doctor again yesterday afternoon. The news is bad. My vocal chords don’t seem to have heeled at all. The polyps are still there and my singing voice is extremely weak. ‘What’s new?’ I hear from cheap seats. Indeed.

I’m so sorry about this but I’ve been advised by the doctor to not do any shows for a month. I may also need surgery but the initial suggestion from the doc is for me to rest at home for that time and see how I am in a few weeks.

I’ve also seen a voice coach here in New York who has given me some vocal exercises to help me heal and build up the strength of the voice. His advice on Wednesday was also preferably for me to take a month off.

I hope you all understand that if I could do this tour right now I would but I’m worried to go against doctor’s advice would lead to serious, even irreversible, problems further down the line.

JPod and Douglas Coupland in the house

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Douglas Coupland’s [wp] new book JPod is either out, or about to be out.* (What do you expect, research? Sheet if Fox News doesn’t have to do it why do I?) Which is exciting because with the exception of his previous book Eleanor Rigby which I’m midway through and his early book Life After God which is just too expensive for too little writing, I’ve loved everything he’s done.

Meanwhile if you’re not content to just read the books, and the blog posts about the books, then you might be excited to know that Coupland will be doing a reading interview thing later this month and you could go for frees! Now the catch is going for frees requires winning one of 150 tickets through the Ceeb [cbc]. Tickets are won in sets of twos, so if you win it’s only right that you take me, since I tipped you off.

* The book is in fact out in hardcover and has been since May.

A new way to harass under paid customer service reps

When people get pissed off about something they blog about it. Great, I do that too. However I generally don’t call someone a bitch, write down my URL and slap it on the desk and then tell the poor underpaid customer service clerk telling everyone in the store that shortly “12 thousand people” will read about the incident. That’s what happened today at work when a customer felt she wasn’t getting the answers she deserved.

First off even my blog [js] has more than 12,000 hits and it at least appears far newer than the HTML era stylings of the angry customer’s blog [kz] and I’ve been so very bad at updating it. Well hopefully this mention will bump their hit count up a bit in time for the online angry rant. Hopefully with the new found blogging power provided by this link will make her reflect that with great blogging power comes great blogging responsibility.

Which means watch the libel laws.

If, or when, the post goes up I’ll try to remember to link to it.

Where are you watching the World Cup?

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fans, originally uploaded by lolo1860.

Due to work and moving I haven’t been able to get as into this World Cup as I did for the 2002 edition. I was too tired to leave the house at 5 am to go to the Dover Arms and watch England’s first match against Paraguay so I watched it through sleepy eyelids on the couch.

I’ve caught no more than 45 minutes of any single match, which is down from last time when two of my friends and I watched every minute of every match.

I’m going to be trying to get to the Dover Arms to watch the remainder of England’s matches, though the Lion’s Head also seems to be showing the games live and that’s closer to the Waterfront Skytrain station for quick escape to work after the final whistle.

So the question is are you watching this World Cup? Who are you cheering for, and where will you be watching the matches?

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