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For he’s the captain of the night Seabus

And a right good captain too.

The captain of the Seabus leaving Lonsdale Quay at midnight on Friday night (as it turned into Saturday morning) and other Translink staff on duty were in no mood to take any nonsense from passengers that evening.

It was all jolly good entertainment. Picture the scene as it unfolded before me, as I describe it as best I can:

Scenes from a Night Market.

Thought I’d get into the video racket. On the weekend, I went to the Chinatown Night Market, and saw this guy doing his thing:

The food lives up to the showmanship: best, cheapest egg balls at the night market, and if you don’t think it’s possible to screw up egg balls, you haven’t visited some of the booths I have.

Abbotsford Air Show

So it’s that time of the year again when the Abbotsford Air Show is about to kick off. The show this year is apparently going to be the largest most extensive air show in North America. It runs from August 11-13.

With numerous performances and also planes on display there should be plenty to see.

It’s $25 for adults and if you get enough people together you can get a carload in for $80 as long as it’s no more than 8 people.

Your 2006 – 2007 Vancouver Canucks

I found this video on YouTube of all the players currently set to lace up their skates for the Vancouver Canucks this season. Sadly the video doesn’t actually have their names so while we can recognize people like the Sedins and Nausland some of the newer faces escape me. That says as much about the Canucks overhauling their team after missing the playoffs last year as it does about me not following the off-season trades.

A smoother Burnaby Mountain

Short post … at least half of the road up to Burnaby Mountain from Hastings is now repaved. Yippee!

Kelowna: city of the easily confused

Valley View

Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

While working at Metrotown today I sold a phone to a woman who just needed to have a 604 number because her boyfriend had recently moved from Kelowna and his friends back in the British Columbia interior wouldn’t be able to deal with having a 778 area code.

“Yeah, people from Kelowna are easily confused,” I agreed.

On the topic of B.C.’s most easily confounded city I’ll be returning there for a few days this week starting Tuesday. I’ve got some freelancing money to beg for and friends to see. Also I’ve been finding Vancouver a little too hot lately so I felt that going to the stupid hot temperature of Kelowna was a way to remind me of how nice it is in Van City.

Cassis Bistro

I’d heard great things about Cassis from quite a few people, so I figured what better way to celebrate my birthday than by checking it out.

Unfortunately, it didn’t come anywhere near living up to the hype.

More Filming in Cloverdale

The movie is Hot Rod and anyone could get on the set if they were willing to be in the riot scene.

The filming took just two days and I was not able to get any photos, but this is what I saw: a “riot” down 176th and a couple of bearded “outlaw” types on choppers on 57th. Meanwhile, I heard that Deck the Halls is now filming in Coquitlam’s suburban wonder Mundy Park.

Boca del Lupo

netstanleypark.jpgMy husband and I take to the trails of Stanley Park quite often – although being an avid runner, he is slightly more familiar with them than I.

We’d like to think that we explore the park a bit more than your average tourist. Going beyond the Seawall and trekking along the dozens of paths and foot trails that lead you from Lost Lagoon, Ferguson Point, Lumberman’s Arch and around Beaver Lake. Yesterday we tried out a few unfamiliar paths and came across some interesting ‘out of the ordinary’ sights: Cables, carabineers, sand bags, netting, ropes and ladders. Not the type of thing you’d imagine coming across in the woods.

Not what it seemed: Taste of the City

Ever since first wind of a sampling food festival with offerings from 25 of Vancouver’s best restaurants (that is, the Taste of the City event), I was eager to go. Having sample sizes at sample-size prices particularly calls to the heart of a novelty-seeking foodie like me!

Upon arriving at the event, all my illusions of blissfully sampling ten new items flew out the window. Immediately, also, it was re-inforced how exuberant-but-nutty Vancouverites are to deal with seam-busting events like this (or the Celebration of Light fireworks).

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