Shaving in Vancouver

The Il Sorrento barber shop at Hastings and Nanaimo is a fantastic place for a shave. The decor is old and dingy, and the barbers are old Italian men with a lust for life (and haircuts). If you have ever wanted a strange Italian man to rub your face (and who hasn’t?) I highly recommend visiting Il Sorrento.

The process begins with a quick and pleasant facial massage, followed by copious amounts of hot towels.
Next comes the hot lather, which they use heaps of. If you have ever wanted to feel like a birthday cake at an obese 8 year old child’s birthday party (and who hasn’t?), then you will love this stage.

The shave itself is painstaking and wonderful. These men don’t miss the spots under your nose, they always get the tricky hairs around the mouth, and they never, never, go against the grain!

Go for the shave, and stay for the ambience! These men are passionate about, well, everything! A sample conversation:

TV Announcer: Well, the Canucks seem to be in a real slump lately.
Barber#1: That’s because they’re drinking too much vino!
Barber#2: I think they’re not drinking enough vino!

TV Announcer: Steven Harper’s new minority government seems to be in a real slump lately.
Barber#1: That’s because he’s drinking too much vino!
Barber#2: I don’t think he’s drinking enough vino!

I am not joking, this conversation was taken verbatim from the hallowed walls of Il Sorrento.

While on this topic, any Vancouverites know where one could buy a straight razor like the kinds used by barbers?

‘m sick of buying Mach 3 razor blades which dull too quickly and are useless pieces of garbage. I have decided that I no longer wish to put 3, 4, 5, hell, even 6 blades to my face anymore.

I want to shave with the same blades that important men shave with. I highly doubt the Pope uses Schick. What do the great men of the world shave with?

Castro? Ghandi? Rufus Wainwright? Paul Reubens? Dick Cheney?

All important men. All, I assume, unwilling to put that cheap steel to their freakishly famous faces. What do they use?

If anyone knows of a good place in Vancouver to buy a straight razor, please let me know.

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