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For those who like to plan early

(Richmond Night Market goodies: Mango Melted Ice, $3.75, and Fresh coconut, $2.99)

When I was writing up last weekend’s activities, my mind was already speeding ahead to the next one! Summer in the city is just nuts, huh?

Fire in the sky

fireworks.jpg Just a heads up that this Wednesday (26th) marks the beginning of the 2006 edition of HSBC’s Celebration of Light in English Bay. I went last year for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed watching all of the displays. I was impressed with how good it was and surprised by how much I enjoyed it because firework displays can often all seem the same.

There are four countires participating in the competition this year, China (July 29), Czech Republic (August 2), Mexico (August 5), and Italy as the opening night performer. The music simulcast begins at 10:00 p.m. on radio station ROCK 101 (101.1 FM), and each show lasts approximately 25 minutes.

The best view is definately from English Bay, but I was content with my spot on the Kitsilano beach side of the water. Get there early because the crowds tend to be HUGE for this event.

Blackberry season is upon us

some blackberries

Riding through Richmond on Saturday, the truth became apparent: the blackberries are here. The same goes for most of the sunnier parts of town. Oh, and while you’re picking them, if you could try to destroy as many of the plants as possible, that would be great.

Lessons Learned at the Folk Festival

I posted photos from the Vancouver Folk Festival last weekend, but I haven’t blogged about it, and I will probably spend an extra few decades in purgatory for my delay. Nevertheless, I have lots to say.

I'm So Folked Up Right Now


Past Sat, there was a Road Running race at Stanley Park called
The route was a loop around the Seawall

I guess the Park officers decided to keep one eye shut as
33 participants cracked a 40 min 10k == 15km/h
Results here.
FYI, the speed limit at Stanley Park is 15km/h.
Kinda kewl to see runners flying by bladers and breaking the speed limit

Fortitudine Vincimus,

The Bicycle Theif

I’ve always been struck by the number of bikes I see downtown that have obviously had parts stolen off them.

This video was a bit of an eye opener for me. Two brothers in New York set out to find out exactly how easy it can be to steal a bicycle, using several gradually more visible methods, just to see if anyone would intervene. They found that most of the time, no one did. And while I’m sure that having a camera around probably skewed the results a bit, I still find it a little disturbing.

Joey deVilla has a long list of ways you can help prevent bike theft, courtesy of a helpful commenter on his blog.

Protesting for peace’s Lebanese community, hopeful peace activists and an unfortunate assortment of Israel-bashing communist-dictatorship supporting Trotskyists made their mark at a protest at the Vancouver Art Gallery yesterday. People gave thumbs up and cars honked as they passed the group of about 50 demonstrators around noon.

Chilliwack Museum

It seems like an exciting year for local museums: new digs for the Surrey Museum, upcoming changes for the Vancouver Maritime Museum ($50 million for the National Maritime Centre) and the Maple Ridge Museum, as well as two museums brewing – a new Sikh museum in Richmond and a children’s museum in upcoming years.

The latest museum to get a facelift is the Chilliwack Museum. Slightly outside of the GVRD but with daytripping potential, this museum just got a $35,000 City of Chilliwack grant and now needs to raise the rest of the $114,000 needed to bring the museum into a more contemporary museum exhibition style, with interactive stuff.

Chilliwack Museum
45820 Spadina Avenue
Chilliwack, BC

Rhizome Cafe

Photo by Ben Johnson

Yesterday evening I attended the opening of a small artshow at the newly opened Rhizome Cafe, located in the area of Broadway and Main. The show is small, and features an ecclectic mix of work (such as the photo above) by local artists who live and work in the Mount Pleasant area.

The Lower Mainland’s Secret Nude Beaches

Turns out the Lower Mainland has three nude beaches. Or rather had three nude beaches. Along with the famous Wreck Beach, there’s Surrey’s Peninsula Beach near Crescent Beach and there was Lions Bay. Local residents put an end to the Lions Bay beach. For a limited time only, there’s still Surrey’s nude beach.

According to Friday’s Peace Arch News, “Naturists have reportedly been coming to an area south of Crescent Beach for 50 years, lured by the panoramic views of Mud Bay and the Gulf Islands.” Here are directions to the Crescent Rock Naturist Beach.

If you’re a naturist looking for a change of scenery, you better hurry. Jurisdiction over the beach belongs to the Province but the City of Surrey will seek to put an end to this 50-year secret.

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