Best of the month: huh?

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I think August crept up on me this time. So here, slightly late, is the best stuff from July.

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Photo by yottabite

If you didn’t get to the Tour de Gastown, John T. caught the flavour of the event.

Rachael mentions The Flower Lady of Kitsilano, and makes the BotM because I want to remind myself to visit the flower lady myself.

Mikey made a small post about a wonderful place to get a shave, but he’s got everything: a few great stories, some fun eavesdropping, and speculation on what Castro shaves with (hint to Mikey: unless Castro has removed his beard again, the answer is “a pair of scissors and not much sense of style”). Well, almost everything: one of my patented Small Prizes to the first person to post a shot of Mikey’s barbershop to the flickr pool. I’ll give you the prize at the next meetup. Maybe. If I don’t forget like I did last time. Sorry Wynne and Karman.

Ahem. Matt got himself talked into a very good massage.

Rebecca makes a trip south of the Fraser and reports back from Surrey. I have to call this one out because she did this after I requested exactly this sort of thing at the July meetup.

Jeffery covered the Great Blogger Phone Controversy and attracted more comments than any other post this month, including some worthy stuff from Jon and some guy named Darren.

Since I write this post, I get to self-promote: Blackberry Season is Upon Us. To answer a question you might have, yes, I would exclude myself if none of my posts were good enough to make the best of the month, but that has never happened. And don’t worry, I’m a totally objective judge.

By the way, the photo contributions in the flickr group have been amazing. Thank you.

Pride of place goes to the last post of the month, by my old friend Keith, who managed to work a Gilbert and Sullivan parody lyric into an amusing vignette from the Seabus. Let this be a lesson to all of you: Gilbert and Sullivan make any post better.

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