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So, for those of you who have HDTV, or live near a bar that has an HDTV, or have a friend with HDTV, or live near a Best Buy or A & B Sound or Future Shop (the one on Robson is recommended: they have a nice couch you can sit on to watch the game on their huge-screen TV), here’s the list of all Canucks games that will be in HD this year:

Some of you may know that I have a hate on for CBC for showing zero Canucks games in HD last year.

Huzzah! This year, they’re showing two! (complete schedule)

Jan 13th, Hockey Day in Canada, Toronto v Vancouver
March 31st, they’re doing Calgary v Vancouver

Let us all rejoice. The Mother Corp is surely worth the $35/year now, because we get two HD games and they practically throw in that George Stroumboulopoulos show for free!

I will concede one point: these are two of the highest-profile broadcasts on the schedule (Hockey Day and the penultimate regular-season weekend). Indeed, the final regular season weekend features EDM v CAL instead of MTL v TOR, which must be leading to some angst among Leafs fans.

Here’s the TSN sked:

HD Canucks games, Pacific time zone:

Tuesday, Oct. 10 Vancouver @ Minnesota 6 pm
Wednesday, Dec. 27 Calgary @ Vancouver 7 pm
Wednesday, Jan. 3 Dallas @ Vancouver 7 pm
Wednesday, Feb. 14 Vancouver @ Minnesota 6 pm
Wednesday, March 21 Nashville @ Vancouver 7 pm

And by completeness, I mean “more than twice as many games as CBC, and EVERY Canucks game they are showing.”

Virtually all sports look wonderful in HD, but hockey seems to especially benefit: the puck goes from being an indistinct blob (go on, you can admit it’s hard to see: the Fox-tail isn’t coming back…or is it?) to a well-defined object, and the wider screen lets the cameraman show you more of the ice at once. For a kinetic, flowing game like hockey, it’s a great thing. If you’re a hockey fan, you owe it to yourself to seek out a few HD games this year.

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