Bully a Vancouver game destroying civilization one gay kiss at a time


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Bully is the first game out of Rockstar’s Vancouver studio. Rockstar’s best known for the Grand Theft Auto series in which you steal cars, commit crimes and get healt recharges by using the services of hookers (if you know what I mean). Bully is similiar in game play, but based on the adventures of a child at a boarding school. Without even being seen by anyone in the public it was being decried as having the potential to put every citizen of this planet in danger.

Now that it’s out and the world has yet to end the people who make their living trying to prevent adults from buying things that might hurt children, such as Jack Thompson a Florida lawyer, are having to look for reasons to complain about a game that seems to actually not be anywhere near as voilent and abhorent as they claimed it was going to be. Oh except as part of the game a player can court another male student and have their character kiss that male character [gs]. Yup, so there’s a gay kiss.

The world’s ending.

When I had previously blogged about Bully [mbv] a commenter painted a fairly bleak picture of the working conditions at the Vancouver Rockstar studio. He/she noted that the game was coming out a year late, which is why it’s a PS2 game and not a PS3/Xbox 360 game, as well as other problems. He noted, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Rockstar Vancouver was put out of its misery after Bully is shipped.”

Anyone have the inside dirt, now that Bully’s out is there another game being developed there, or were the dire predictions of the studio’s close correct?

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