The Ghost Train through a B-movie history

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I had blogged about trying to go to the Stanley Park Ghost Train [mbv] but turning back because I didn’t want to brave wandering through the park in the dark, well the next day we actually got to go. I just haven’t had the chance to blog about it for awhile but since there’s still a few more days left of it [vpb] I thought I’d give it a plug.

The theme this year is B-Movies and on the train ride you get to go through a wide range of classic B-movie horror gems, or at least take-offs on the classics. From King Kong to space invaders and things that creep and crawl out of the swamp the train winds its way through the park and past some wonderfully inventive takes on the classic films. With more than a little owed to Ed Wood the actors ham it up, and it’s actually really fun. The director of the “movie” that greets you as you get in the train seems to be playing another Johnny Deep role as he’s more Hunter S. Thompson than Ed Wood, but it’s still a fun performance.

The last night to catch the train is November 1st. Then they’ll take it down and I guess turn it into a Christmas train. I’ve never done the Christmas train, but I have to say that the Halloween one is well worth the trip to the park and the price of admission.

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