Halloween Night in Vancouver

Well, Halloween is wasting away in Vancouver. Nothing like in my day: we trick-or-treated from 5 pm until almost 11 pm and hauled in four pillowcases’ worth of loot. And we wore costumes in those days. It took the whole of October to come up with the perfect outfit.

Sadly, kids these days are missing out the best holiday of the year. Six trick-or-treaters this year, down from last year’s fifteen. It didn’t matter that I had the front door light on, lined up three pumpkins by my door and lit up the orange lights. More candy for me, I suppose. And my costume – mine! the mere candy-hand-outer! – was better than any of the kids’!

Is it just my neighbourhood? How did the rest of the GVRD fare?

PS Tonight was not all a waste. Along with my candy haul, I was also privy to this conversation:

Maktaaq: Here’s some nice expensive chocolate and a cute little spider ring to go with your princess costume.
Little Girl’s Mom: What do we say?
Little Girl: Um…Itsy bitsy spider went crawling up……?

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  1. Paul (unregistered) on November 1st, 2006 @ 2:05 am

    Here in Cloverdale, it was pretty much the same story. All around, numbers were down compared to when I went out less than five years ago. From what I could tell, there was a 5:30-6:30 run of younger kids, and 7-8 for slightly older ones. My grandparents didn’t even get one kid at their door! Of the many great setups I remember, only two were still being done this year. Once the teens came around at 9, most kids were gone, lights were off, and fireworks were out. But even the fireworks… I remember when you could barely drive down certain roads because of the amount of smoke in an area. It’s just very sad… But, yes, for sure, numbers are down; in both kids and teens.

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