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Time To Fall Back

It’s that time of year again! Here’s a friendly neighbourhood reminder that before you go to bed tonight it’s time to turn back that clock an hour. Officially it gets rolled back at 2 AM Sunday morning. The exciting difference this year, or technically next (2007) is the fact that we’ll be springing forward our clocks sooner by 3 weeks.

Officially we’re setting our clocks forward on March 11, 2007 which is 3 weeks sooner than normal. BC is following the lead of the US. By turning our clocks forward early by 3 weeks there is a significant savings in energy consumption.

I think that’s great! Seeing that our province is quite well known for our Hydro PowerSmart program this further enhances our image of being conscious of our energy consuption.

Anyways everyone have a safe and fun weekend as there’s lots of Halloween events happening around town.

SFU Student Society Impeachment Movement

Ryan mentioned it earlier and I thought I would give a bit of an update about what’s happening at SFU these days.

Just after summer semester finished this year, I received word via email that several staff of the SFSS, or Simon Fraser Student Society had been sent home on paid leave for an indefinite period of time. They were apparently locked out of their offices and their computers were searched at a location off campus. One staff member was allegedly interrogated for several hours without being allowed any legal or union representation, and this investigation resulted in her subsequent firing.

What not to do late at night in Gastown

Don’t do this.

So… I arranged a guided tour for my students with the Halloween Ghost Walk in Gastown scheduled for last night. Sadly, pouring rain deterred my otherwise dutiful charges from showing up at their appointed time, leaving me to wander over to the old Canadian Pacific Train Station alone. Stupidly, I’d forgotten to take down the tour operator’s cell number and had no other way of contacting him to let him know the gig was canceled.

As the rain soaked through my worn shoes, my tired feet got me to the arranged rendezvous point a bit early. Now I realized I didn’t know what the tour guide looked like. I had only a first name to go on. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

BC Parks Photo Contest

people_winner.jpgThere’s little time left to enter the photo contest for BC Parks. Take (or submit) a picture of you, friends, family etc. enjoying a BC Park and enter by November 1, 2006 for your chance to win some great outdoorsy prizes.

BC Parks invite you to show us YOUR BC provincial park experience. Show us your best shots of people in our parks. How do you, your neighbours, your family and your community enjoy our parks? [BCParks]

There are several categories including: Family & Fun, Adventure & Challenge, Spirit & Solitude, and Community & Outdoor Education. There’s even a youth category for submitters under 18. For more details, rules, and to submit, visit the BCParks website. Good luck!

Photo Above is 2004 “People” Winner, Skipping with Kelp

Welcome to Graz Austria

Rainy Day in Graz, Austria

Originally uploaded by giamarie.

Showing the international flavour of us here at Metroblogging I’d like to be the first from Vancouver to welcome our newest sister city Metroblogging Graz [mbg]. Graz is the 50th city around the world to join the Metroblogging network, so let’s all head over there and say hello. And don’t worry, it’s mostly in English so don’t let the language barrier hold you back.

This of course means that if you’re playing the Metroblogging drinking game at home where you take a shot everytime we add a new city, you can drink now. This of course is well known as the slowest drinking game ever, and nobody has yet to get drunk off of it.

Storyeum’s closed kiddies, no more dinos for you

Storyeum closed

Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

Last week Lydia and I were talking about going to Storyeum because Lydia claimed the buzz on the street was that it was going to close down soon. Why? Well it appears that nobody actually wants to go there, or at least not enough to pay money.

So while walking through Gastown today I was surprised to see that it had in fact closed, much sooner than I had figured. Lydia had already read about it in the newspaper, so she was hip to that though she had kept it a secret for fear of me getting depressed about its closure. So no Storyeum for me, and history will never come alive again. Ever.

Did anyone actually ever go? How did the dinosaurs tie into whole early settler vibe of our history? Did the early miners ride stegosauruses to and fro their claims? Someone fill me in.

Edit: It was pointed out that Jonathon did do a pre-closing Storyeum Blog post previously [mbv]. It’s worth reading and is filled with more facts than this post is.

Bully a Vancouver game destroying civilization one gay kiss at a time


Originally uploaded by !HabitForming.

Bully is the first game out of Rockstar’s Vancouver studio. Rockstar’s best known for the Grand Theft Auto series in which you steal cars, commit crimes and get healt recharges by using the services of hookers (if you know what I mean). Bully is similiar in game play, but based on the adventures of a child at a boarding school. Without even being seen by anyone in the public it was being decried as having the potential to put every citizen of this planet in danger.

Now that it’s out and the world has yet to end the people who make their living trying to prevent adults from buying things that might hurt children, such as Jack Thompson a Florida lawyer, are having to look for reasons to complain about a game that seems to actually not be anywhere near as voilent and abhorent as they claimed it was going to be. Oh except as part of the game a player can court another male student and have their character kiss that male character [gs]. Yup, so there’s a gay kiss.

The world’s ending.

Vancouver Snow Show

When I was a punk kid, my snowboarder bunny friend Anne and I used to hit the Vancouver Snow Show every year. Hanging around the booths, answering obscure trivia questions to get free Airwalk toques and getting piles of stickers that we’d plaster all over our houses, lockers and faces. Alas I haven’t been in ages but it was always a good time with great deals, cheap passes to the local mountains and chances to win free stuff.

This year’s show is taking place October 28 & 29th, 2006 at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre. 10:00am to 7:00pm on Saturday and 10:00am to 5:00pm on Sunday, click here for ticket info and directions.

Heavy Weather

In the past 48 hours in the GVRD we’ve experienced everything quite heavy in weather. Heavy fog, heavy mist, heavy dew, heavy chill, and I’m sure everything in between. What starts out as a heavily overcast day clears to provide a bright and vibrant sun heavy in joy.

The air is crisp as heavier jackets emerge alongside scarves and gloves. The sad thing I see are the people who are still in heavy denial of the weather, driving still as if it were summer. Especially with October being Zero Crash Month as previously posted about by Rebecca, the weather combined with pure stupidity lately has certainly not helped this campaign. You would think awareness would at least be increased slightly.

In the span of 48 hours I’ve seen about 6 serious accidents involving vehicles that needed to be towed away and let’s not count the numerous “minor” accidents. Just because the sun is shining doesn’t mean the ground is dry. Just because you have fancy fog lights on your car and you can see that other person doesn’t mean they can see you. I’d hate to see when the first bit of snow comes.

Please Vancouverites! Be cautious and drive safe.

Flying Wedge: It’s like crack, in pizza form

Flying Wedge.

Originally uploaded by Robin Thom.

Am I the only Vancouverite who didn’t know about Flying Wedge [fwp] and their wonderful pizzas? I seriously just found out about the pizza chain about three weeks ago and was blown away. It’s like crack, and this past week I’ve eaten there three times and that’s not counting the number of meals I’ve had of reheated Flying Wedge Pizza.

At one of our Metroblogging meetups some of the other authors here were talking about their all you can eat days, something I’ve yet to try. I think my head would explode with awesome at that point. I just never paid any attention, thinking that pizza was pizza and they couldn’t be any better than Pizza Hut.

Also props to them, as well as Pizza Hut, for doing online ordering in Vancouver. There’s a few kinks that need to be worked out, like not having the internet tell customers that the store is closed when it’s actualy open, but it’s still a nice feature.

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