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Douglas Student Union meltdown

Way back in March, I posted a bit about some financial irregularities at the Douglas College Students Union. The story, which I was vague on then, is starting to come to a head.


Bus troubles

Bus troubles

Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

Watching the flow of traffic from the glass bubble of a store that I work in is one of the ways we pass the time. Having a perfect view of the corner of Robson and Seymour we always watch as the cable buses come unattached and end up blocking traffic as the drivers climb out to fix the cables.

I’ve blogged about it before, but I was wondering is there any other corners where this happens? Where transit goes off the rails as it were? I’ve been informed that Seymour and Dunsmuir is also a corner with this problem.

Any others?

This world’s going to the dogs

As a proud new owner of a condo in Mount Pleasant, I recently attended my very first Strata Council Annual General Meeting. Fun stuff!.. Okay. Maybe not so fun.

But it was a good thing I came, because my building came very, very close to allowing dogs in the building. The vote on this proposal actually came in at 11 in favor of allowing dogs to 6 against. Fortunately, the dog lovers needed a three quarters majority to get the motion passed, so my vote helped keep the canines out (though our building does actually allow cats and birds).

I actually like dogs. I think they’re fun, clever, lovable animals and the vast majority are about as likely to bite me as a co-worker (that is to say, it’s possible, just unlikely). Nonetheless, I was not prepared to accept the inevitable barking noises at all hours of the day and night and stains on the hallway carpet from the odd pre-housetrained “accident”.

MetroBlogging Hawaii

I’ve been reading the posts from MetroBlogging Hawaii the last few days on the earthquake. One person I know was actually there when the big 6.6 Richter-scale earthquake hit and she just got back to Vancouver two days ago – with a pretty good tan, but not much else for the premium she no doubt paid for a once-in-a-lifetime cruise.

Fortunately, no one was actually killed or even seriously hurt in the quake – either a testament to really good earthquake-proofing or just dumb luck, I don’t know.

Frankly, I’m one of the ignorant masses when it comes to earthquake preparedness. I’ve rarely got more than two days worth of food on hand, including non-perishables, and the only batteries I’ve got are for my digital camera. Anyone with any expertise in what to do when a quake hits, feel free to illuminate me.

Canucks Alumni Fundraiser

babych.jpgWhen I was a teenager, it was all about these guys right here. Dave “the moustache” Babych, Kirk “I’m the original #1 goalie in this town” McLean, Cliff “I get really nervous on PPV” Ronning and Jyrki “I hate Mike Keenan as much as you do” Lumme. All thse guys are getting together for the Canucks Alumni vs Team PoCoMo charity hockey game this Friday along with Bill Ranford, “King” Richard Brodeur

The Canucks Alumni lead by PoCoMo celebrity spokes person Richard Brodeur, take to the ice in a fundraiser to benefit Project Reach-Out. PoCoMo Youth Services Society is selling roster spots to create its own team to play the Canucks Alumni []

Aside from the game there will be contests, prizes, 50-50 and a silent auction. [pdf poster]

It’s all happening October 21 @ 7pm at the Coquitlam Sports Centre (633 Poirier). You can pick up tickets at Cyclone Taylor Sports, Westcoast Sporting Goods, Austin Heights Safeway, Sport Junkies, and at the door. Adult $10 & $5 Youth (15 and under).

The event serves as a fundraiser for Project Reach-Out for youth, which operates as a part of PoCoMo Youth Services Society is a charitable non-profit organization established in 1992 under the name “PoCoMo Teen Centre Society” [PoCoMo]

Air Care Abolishment!

Ok not quite yet. They are currently planning to dismantle the program by 2011 from the recent reports. Is anyone else excited? They’ve made changes so that new vehicle examination fees are now decresed by $2 so it’s $45 instead of the $47. The new vehicle exemption is also being moved from 5 years to 7 years and this is all taking place in January.

I’m sure most people have wondered what the point of AirCare still being around is seeing that most cars even those up to 20 years old are putting out emission values that are still far below the fail mark. It seems they’ve finally caught on. With plans to stop the program in 2011 which hopefully means one last AirCare test for most drivers of new vehicles with that 7 year mark.

Then again who knows if the 2011 date will stick. Seeing as there is a history of things like this getting constantly pushed back.

Tonight @ Richards – Aberdeen City

Being heavily influenced by the indie rock my husband listens to and that Vanmega makes available to us all monthly (both of them being geeks for, I just had to attend the show tonight at Richards on Richards. The Blue Van, Electric Six and Aberdeen City will be in town for a nice mid-week show that’s bound to rock.

I have arranged an interview [Miss604] with Aberdeen City, that I’ve come to love over the past year, and I can’t wait to hear more from the other bands as well. Check out their websites to hear some tunes and consider going to the show tonight too. Tickets (only $17.50!) are available via Ticketmaster,, at Zulu and Scratch Records.

UPDATE:: The Blue Van didn’t play but Aberdeen City & Electric 6 were great! My interview post is now up [miss604]

Librarian Hotline

askaway.jpgI thought it was pretty neat when my old provider for my website offered 24/7 online chat customer service, but I suppose it’s to be expected. This day and age it’s all about information and getting it out there. Not about HOW it gets out, but the fact that it’s there at anyone’s finger tips is key. It’s probably a good idea that our schools keep up, with almost 70 percent of BC residents have internet access it’s definitely a tool that can be used (for good, not evil)

The Government of British Columbia has just launched “AskAway“. Basically you can Instant Message librarians online and have them seek out the reference materials you’ve been looking for.

AskAway serves students, faculty and staff at all publicly-funded, post-secondary institutions in British Columbia. We will accept questions from the general public and from users outside BC, but we may refer you to your local library.

To can search by post-secondary library or local public library and be directly connected.

Film Haunt!

Due to the popularity of last year’s event it’s time again for the 2nd annual BC Film Industry Film Haunt. It’ll be held at the Bridge Studios from the 27th to 31st of this month.

The Halloween Haunted Studio Tour is a fundraising event that sees numerous film industry volunteers put on a tour/Halloween haunt making for a different and interesting event. The tour will go through a few sets including Stargate SG:1 and Atlantis.

Numerous tour times are already sold out so get your tickets soon. Last year the entire event was sold out quick and managed to raise $20,000 for BC Children’s Hospital. This year the fundraising goal has increased and will support two charities. Variety Children’s Charity and CISV – Children’s International Summer Village.

Body Worlds 3

Operating under the aegis of education and health advocacy, Science World’s wildly successful Body Worlds 3 exhibit has some 200 corpses, body parts and torso cross-sections on display for $25 (or $20 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights). The blockbuster show opened September 15 and runs until January 14. Vancouverites can now join the 20 million people who have seen the exhibit and help plastination inventor Gunther von Hagens add to his $200 million profits.

Curious about seeing real dead bodies, not photographs in medical books, in police reports or on, I spent about two hours yesterday peering into body cavities and touching body parts. Science World devoted some four galleries to the display, along with a Body Worlds gift shop. The full-body displays have no glass covers, allowing for close-up viewing, with a descriptive panel that labelled body parts and perhaps a short blurb on the plastination techniques used. The body parts lay in flat display cases and featured more information about bodily functions than the full-body displays. The much-discussed fetus display came at the end, with an alternate exit for those who can’t handle dead babies.

While the audience was mostly adult, some parents brought their elementary school age, adorable little kids who were not squeamish about what they saw. “Mommy, why does that man have three penises?” asked one little girl, who was answered that the two penis-y things flanking the penis were testicles. Other groups of children sat down in front of the bodies to discuss what they were seeing. Near the end, some kids were begging their parents to hurry to the fetus section: “Let’s go see the babies, daddy!”

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