According to his calculations, he’s not dead.

It’s been over 2 weeks since the South Coast of British Columbia was pelted with heavy rains, winds and a boil-water advisory. Within a couple of days most cities had the ban lifted meanwhile, 900,000 of us downtown, in Burnaby and on the North Shore still have to take the extra precautions and NOT drink the water [mbv1][mbv2].

We covered the storm, the effects and the water situation pretty well here at Metroblogging but there’s another Vancouver blogger out there who taking it a little further.

Travis Smith decided that he would defy local GVRD warnings and continue drink our cloudy, silty, smelly water every single day – and he’s blogging it all.

Day 1: I’m going to drink nothing but Vancouver tap water, and report the effects to you. In your face, E.Coli! (Well, in my face, more accurately…) [Unvarnished]

Now this must get the conspiracy theorists going. Almost a million people have been warned, businesses closed or turned away patrons, and bottled water fueled fights broke out in grocery aisles… but everything seems, pretty okay.

Day 3: Vomitting? Nope. Diueria Dyeriah Dhiarea Dieriuh The Runs? Nope. A “social problem”? Nope. Intense, almost painful craving for Diet Coke? Check. [Unvarnished]

Smith includes pics of the water in his posts, along with tibdits of local news and updates surrounding the whole issue and it’s daily progress.

The water has cleared but the advisory hasn’t yet been called off. With our new blanket of snow everything seems so crisp and white, even that lovely tap water. It’s now the 6th day that Travis Smith has been drinking the water, he seems well enough to head out and take some pics of the snow and to report that well, there is nothing to report.

(Photo Above is Property of Travis Smith on Flickr)

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  1. Erin (unregistered) on November 28th, 2006 @ 1:39 am

    Yep, I never stopped drinking the water and I’m still alive. The only two waterborne illnesses you can get around here can be cured with antibiotics, and are only present in stagnant water. Since the water in our reservoirs is definitely not stagnant, I’m going to have to conclude that it’s just dirt.

    You eat a peck before you die.

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