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I remember line from Robin Williams’ Live on Broadway HBO special, “In the World Cup they always claim there’s bad refereeing, someone may have been paid off. Oh, shit, say it ain’t so! You’re telling me that the Oscars are also political? Fuck off!”

There’s a group of cheeky hockey fans running around the internet and hockey media claiming that something with the NHL All Star voting ballot just isn’t right.

For the first time, the NHL is offering an all online, all digital voting system for this year’s game in Dallas. These guys have tried out the system and discovered how skewed it really is. Local Canucks blogger JJ explains what’s up with

… Not intended as a shot on Rory [Fitzpatrick] but more of a means to point out the flaws in the league’s voting system – where one can vote as many times as they want – the internet campaign has gained unbelievable steam. [CanucksHockey]

JJ explains on The Crazy Canucks podcast that a campaign has been put together to get people voting for Rory Fitzpatrick – an unlikely candidate, nominee and currently injured Canuck defensemen. The problem is that the tally so far should be overwhelmingly OVER 100,000 votes for Rory but is reporting that the TOP pick, Sidney Crosby, is sitting well under 100,000 and is in the number one spot. A-Ha! They’re right, it doesn’t add up – what about Rory?

I guess you could say they’re stickin’ it to the NHL man, maybe they’re just seeing how far any of this gets them, or perhaps they really DO love Rory Fitzpatrick. Whatever the case, check the website, and the campaign video below, although I must warn you after the first song, it gets pretty painful.

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