Winter Wonderland at Last

After yesterday’s aborted business trip to Burnaby, low speed braking problems, a tree falling across a road, and uphill tantrums, my car managed to get home only to see my parking spot taken. The bastard eventually moved but not before the roof collapsed on a family member’s car (which amazingly got away with only a small dent). And not before my partner fell in the middle of the road and lost his iPod cover forever to the treachery of the blizzard.

After an hour and a half of digging out my car and re-parking it in its rightful spot this morning, I can finally enjoy the beauty of the weather. From the inside, with the curtains drawn and a generous helping of macaroni and cheese. I’ll worry about getting to work tomorrow. (Tuesdays are my Mondays but the joke will be on me when I drag my sorry ass over the frozen-over slush the rest of you will scrape over our streets today.)

Between staring at the white serenity outside, I’ve visited Flickr to spy on what others in the Lower Mainland see:

As for the obligatory dogs-in-snow cute overload-style photos, here they are:

Let’s not forget the crows.

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