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Via Darren Barefoot, the Opus Hotel’s General Manager’s blog! General Manager Daniel Craig writes it, with occasional help from the Director of Sales and Marketing Katrina Carol-Foster. From what I suspect is a posh place that would never admit the impoverished peasant likes of me except as hired help, the blog occasionally reads like a reality tv pitch:

From May 17, 2006:

A woman – a seemingly rational, articulate, sane woman contacted me to ask if it would be possible for her to check into a room and, um, give birth in it. She explained that she wanted to have a “natural” childbirth, but needed to be close to a hospital in case something went wrong.
From August 11, 2006:
The immature, spiteful side of me sometimes wishes there was a website for hotels to rate guests. I’d give a “not impressed” rating to the guest who trashed a room last weekend and was found naked, drunk and bleeding from the you-know-what in the hallway after getting a Prince Albert (look it up at your own risk!).
From November 24, 2006:
[A] guest had a steady stream of, um, “rentals” (an industry term) to his room whom he claimed were his “nieces”. One got off on the wrong floor late in the night and knocked on another guest’s room to offer her services. The couple politely declined, and promptly called the front desk.
But the blog predominantly veers toward the hotel industry itself – what exactly is a boutique hotel? What is a perfect fill and what is relocating? What do silent shoppers do for the hotel industry?

The blog is now seven months old and presumably out of the bored-already-with-blogging woods.

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