Survival of the Fittest

What used to be a sidewalk

Vancouver’s recent turn for the colder may have accomplished a number of things (especially if you were one of those who scored some free time away from work or school because of it) but an unexpected side effect has been what I can only optimistically describe as “a strengthening of the lower mainland’s arboreal gene pool.”

I suppose it’s a testament to just how long it’s been since the city received this volume of snow and ice, but it’s amazing to me how many fallen trees there are — at least one per block in residential areas, and far more in parks and forests.

It seems our rain-loving moisture-spoiled local trees don’t invest much in the root system segment of their portfolio.

The results (aside from the effects to the poor trees themselves, of course): downed power lines, the occasional crushed car parked on the curb, blocked roads and sidewalks, and I’m sure a few woodland critters who’ve found their high-rise condo suddenly converted into row houses.

I’m curious how the cleanup is going to work. Perhaps after the towing companies catch up on their backlog of stalled cars, they can earn some extra cash by hauling off upturned tress as well?

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  1. Rebecca (unregistered) on December 1st, 2006 @ 5:47 pm

    They closed Stanley Park & shut off the power last night because of falling trees [cbc]

    They had a spot on the news about a tree cutting/trimming/removal/guys with chainsaws company that usually lays off employees around this time of year – now in full swing and in need of hiring extra help. Same goes with several restoration companies.

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