Nathalie Gettliffe: cause celebre or lying jerk?

Has anyone else been following the case of Nathalie Getliffe, the woman who slandered her former husband, Vancouverite Scott Grant, brainwashed their children and duped the country of France so she could get away with kidnapping them? (As reported by Reuters and a whole whack of other local media)

That truth in this case is stranger than fiction is no less valid for being a cliche. Getliffe’s audacity in coming back to Vancouver to give her dissertation (and subsequently getting busted by the cops when Grant tipped them off) seems more contrived than some of the worse Hollywood plot-twisters I’ve ever seen. I first noticed the story a few months back, but with her conviction, a lot more media outlets have picked up the international incident aspect of the story. Our local drama is definitely more compelling than the latest buzz on Federline or Cruise.

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  1. Doug McVitie (unregistered) on December 26th, 2006 @ 11:01 pm

    A further disgusting twist to this story lies in the duplicity of the French authorities. Getliffe, a convicted child abductor, was released from prison by the authorities for the holidays, “so whe could spend Christmas with her close relatives”. So, having deprived the children’s closest relative of his children and the children of their father, Getliffe has been rewarded by the spineless French for her amoral and criminal behaviour in being allowed out of jail to be with HER “closest” relatives… Where child-protection matters are concerned, far less justice, France is just a two-faced, Fifth-World liberal dictatorship.

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