Size does matter

Today I saw a Hummer inch its way into a gated parking garage, the driver apparently fearful of scraping the side view mirrors on the entrance, and hit it’s roof on one of those horizontal bars that shows the maximum height allowed. I didn’t see if there was any damage, but the monster-sized “car” kept slinking forward and the gate closed behind.

I laughed and laughed and laughed.

No one in Vancouver needs to drive a Hummer. Actually, no one outside of a combat zone really needs to drive a Hummer. Those who claim that they drive big vehicles because they are safer make me want to puke. If that were a logical position, everyone who could afford it would be driving semi-trailers. Fortunately for planet Earth, we don’t.

Sadly, we’ve exported our bad car-purchasing habits to other countries just as we’re trying to wean ourselves off of big cars. In South Korea, the Hummer and its gas-guzzling ilk are status symbols – in a country that must import all of its oil and most of the mineral resources required to manufacture a car.

Let’s try to set a better example, people.

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