Out Vancouver Meal #3: Bistro Pastis

Every Year Tourism Vancouver puts on Dine Out Vancouver [tv] which provides an oppertunity for locals and tourists alike to try some of Vancouver’s best resturants at a reasonable price. The event runs from January 19th through to February 4th. On Tuesday night my girlfriend Lydia and I went to Bistro Pastis [bp].

Bistro Pastis
2153 W 4th
Tel 604 731 5020

Two blocks from a comic book store, keeping the trend going, and on the trendy West 4th we found Bistro Pastis. After the less than stellar meal at The Hamilton Street Grill [mbv] I was getting a bit shirty about the whole Dine Out Vancouver experiance. When you add in wine the meals aren’t exactly cheap, and if they weren’t going to be better than I could get at a Milestones or a Red Robin then what was the point.

Bistro Pastis got me excited about Dine Out Vancouver again. The meal was fantastic. For the main course I ordered the pork tenderloin (pictured) after having started with the roasted butternut soup. I ended with the crème caramel. It was, very good.

The pork tenderloin was a perfect example of how meat can be wonderfully tasting without being doused in sauce. It was, as suggested by it’s name, tender and juicy. The soup and the dessert were both excellent, though neither were what really put Bistro Pastis over the top. No, what put it over the top was the french fries. Errr… pomme des frites.

Served with mayonaise, the way they kick it in France, the fries were something like a phenomenon. Sure it was $6 extra, but it was well worth the extra money. In fact I want to go back tonight and just order four order of fries and enjoy that. Which sounds like I didn’t like the main course. As I said I really enjoyed the entire meal, but the fries stood out.

Lydia would probably want to drop a mention about the atmosphere. Run by actual French people it was a very authentic experiance. I could never afford to eat anywhere like this in France, but it’s what I imagine the nice bistro’s look like in Europe.

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